Monday, September 20, 2010

Little By Little

Again, within the last day, my bride told me that she loves her life, and I again responded that I was glad. If she were to have asked me, I could have come up with a bunch of things I'd like to be better. But the good news (besides the fact that she is happy, which I consider a very good thing) is that things have been better over the last week.

After going without out lovemaking (or mercy sex) session the prior weekend, I initiated a couple of times during the week, and then a couple of times over the weekend. I even got to see what she looks like naked one of those times - a rare treat these days. She told me she'll never turn me down if I initiate. The problem is, to initiate, I have to more or less keep myself awake a couple of more hours until she makes it to bed, which is rough because I already get less sleep than I should. But if I simply go to sleep, I'll wake up later when her in bed, too, in a deep sleep, and I am very reluctant to wake her up because she needs her sleep, too. (Plus, orgasms tend to keep her awake.)

We got to church, which we haven't done much lately.

Finally, we all got out of the house a lot, in large part thanks to my mother and sister, who drove the distance to see the kids. They could keep the kids occupied while I pushed my wife around in the wheelchair she only seems to need at one specific venue (she walks everywhere else).

So, things are a little better.

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