Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Follow Up To Yesterday

Here are a couple of follow-up letters to Dr. Laura related to the call I wrote about yesterday.

"J." wrote:

Your whiny caller today (9/27/10) was so far off the mark regarding her husband looking at other women. My husband and I have been married 40 years. Every year, for the last 25 or so, we attend an event where not only are there girls in bikinis but great numbers of them "flash."
Mardi Gras? Or the Red Hat Society Annual Convention?

My friends ask why I take my man to this event. It sparks him up, saves me a lot of foreplay, and I think it's a hoot. It's a shame some women don't realize that when almost any man stops looking its time to shovel the dirt over him.
Who do you think has a happier marriage? J and her hubby, or Greg and Lisa? Well, Greg and Lisa wrote to Dr. Laura, too:

Funny thing, I have never been called whiny my entire life and even my husband was surprised you called me whiny.
And I'm sure some people who usually don't listen to Dr. Laura heard that call and dismissed the show because they think the host is rude. But read on:

I listened to your commentary afterwards and it started to sink in. But it was actually your comment to the lady with the husband who had the emotional affair that it really clicked. You told her that she was kicking him out of their nest.

I realized I was over-reacting to all my husband's faults because I was testing him. I was kicking him out of the nest - not only to see IF he would fly back, but how hard he was willing to try to fly back.

The truth is, he is a good man and he's trying. It's not going to change over night. Just like I can't forgive him over night but I too am trying. This is all going to take time. I am going to stop kicking him out of our nest. I am going to stop testing him and allow him to come back to me.
I love happy endings. So to speak.

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  1. curiepoint11:37 PM

    Everything that modern women put men through is just one gigantic Sh*t Test. It's always pass/fail and no extra credit is given for being a decent man.

    This is symptomatic of the I-Deserve-It-All attitude that women past the age of consent was raised with. If I were that guy, I would not only fly away, I would fly away as fast as my wings could carry me...and oh yeah, crap on her car as I flew over it.

    Bed. Made. Lie

    Her epiphany comes too late, if that guy is smart.


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