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People Dr. Laura Schlessinger Has Pissed Off

Dr. Laura has pissed off a lot of people. Here's a list that I do not claim to be exhaustive. [TWEAKED AND EXPANDED August 20, 2013. Updated with #88 and #89 on December 21, 2014, #90 on May 26. 2015. Updated with #91-94 on August 25, 2016, with a few other slightly expanded. Added 95 and 96 on December 12, 2017. Added 97 on January 18, 2019.]

In no particular order:

1. Fat people. That's about 2/3rds of Americans. More precisely, she's pissed off the ones who don't like to be told they can and should do something about it, but that solution is not some magic pill.

2. People who like to imagine they are engaged even though there's no ring and no date.

3. Women willing to be easy, casual lays and shack-ups. Schlessinger rains on their parade by telling them they don't have rights over the males with whom they are having sex (nor do the males have any rights over them) and that they are making life harder for decent women.

4. Guys who don't want females described above wising up about sex.

5. Women who insist on a large, traditional wedding, especially with a white dress, and all of the traditional trappings and parties that have been added over the years, many of whom demand their parents pay for it, after shacking up for years and even making babies. (More generally, people who want their parents to keep financially supporting them even as they flagrantly violate tradition, morality, or parental sensitivities.)

6. Parents who have chosen to raise their children in America but still want their children beholden to foreign traditions.

7. People who want to take their young children to weddings despite a lack of invitation.

8. Feminists, and guys who don't want to take responsibility for anything, but rather hide behind deference to feminism.

9. Men who don't want there to be an expectation that men always pay for everything on every date other than her cooking at home for him.

10. Men who want to date even though they can't yet afford to support a wife and kids.

11. Wives who want to withhold sex from their good husbands.

12. Parents who want to keep their adult children dependent in perpetuity or do not evict the 18 year-old or older offspring out of the home.

13. People who think having their own child or grandchild sucked into a sink is (or was) preferable to giving that child up for adoption or raising the child themselves.

14. People who make money off of having babies sucked into sinks.

15. People who are in no position to provide a baby with a stable, married, mom-and-dad home who refuse to put the baby up for adoption.

16. Men who want to do something with the newly-discovered information that they have been raising what turns out to be, biologically, another man's child.

17. Anyone else who thinks it is important to tell children their father is not their biological father or that there is some long lost half sibling out there somewhere.

18. Women who have learned their husband has another child who needs a father and don't want him to have any contact with that child.

19. People who think open adoption is better than closed adoption.

20. Adoptees raised by decent families who seek out their biological parents/siblings, especially with "medical history" as the excuse.

21. People who want to be surrogate wombs, or egg or sperm donors for a family member or friend.

22. Organ donation advocates who encourage the practice of living children donating to parents.

23. Women who don't want to raise their own children or have made choices that make it much more likely their children will be raised by strangers. Guys who want their wives to stick the children in day orphanages so they can earn income.

24. Day orphanage operators and other business owners who depend on the above women and guys.

25. People who want to intentionally raise a child without a mother or without a father, and "rights" groups that claim to represent them.

26. Divorced or never-married parents of minor children who want to date, (re)marry, and even make more children to the detriment of the children they already have.

27.  Parents who drug their kids, especially boys, in response to normal behavior or normal reaction to the bad situation created by the parent(s).

28. People who make money off of such drugging.

29. So-called "children's rights" advocates who think that minor living at home should not be drug tested nor have their diaries, communications devices, possessions, or rooms searched against their will.

30. Pedophiles and anyone who wants to have sex with your minor children.

31. People who think quick, light swats on the tush are child abuse.

32. Parents who want to be their child's buddy.

33. People who want to place their parents before their spouse.

34. People who want to come between spouses.

35. Adult children of widow or widowers who don't want their parent dating (yet).

36. People who want power over their stepchildren.

37. People jealous of their spouse's deceased previous spouse.

38. Adults who leave children to die in hot automobiles.

39. The authorities who neglect to prosecute such people.

40. Parents who demand that all of their children simultaneously ace all advanced placement classes, letter in at least two sports, and master a musical instrument, even if they hate those sports and hate playing music.

41. People who want their kids to excel in gymnastics or football.

42. People who think gay or lesbian people shouldn't be treated with respect, and if they weren't treated with respect, they'd all become happy heterosexuals.

43. People who think the "n" word is so horrifyingly bad that only people of African ancestry should be able to say it... over and over and over again... and that if anyone else says it on the air, it is such a terrible thing that the clip should be played over and over and over again.

44. Pacifists

45. Adults who enjoy video games. (I do think Schlessinger goes overboard in her dislike of video games as recreation for adults, though I don't play.)

46. People who hate dogs or, at least, hate hearing about them.

47. People who make or watch trashy so-called reality television.

48. People who want to complain to their deployed military spouses over and over again about something that deployed person can't address.

49. People who want to hurt their spouse or alleviate their guilt telling their spouse of an adulterous fling or affair that ended.

50. Adults who were victims of childhood sexual abuse who still haven't taken any steps to protect anyone else from the abuser.

51. Any adult who knew the abuse was going on, but did nothing about it.

52. Teacher union bosses who think they should be in control of how children are raised.

53. Guys who admit to women they date that they watch porn.

54. People who think married people should never watch porn.

55. Women who like to think they have a magic vagina that can change a man.

56. People who don't want to disclose to a potential employer that they have a disability, medical condition, or pregnancy.

57. People who think it is a great thing that the Americans With Disabilities Act prevents businesses from charging people to accommodate their service animals.

58. People who like to blame every lousy thing they or a loved one does on diseases or addictions.

59. People who want to raise children in "interfaithless" homes

60. Therapists who like the steady income provided by clients coming to them to whine about the same things for years and years, and the people who like doing the whining.

61. Callers who want to go on and on whining, and the listeners who want to hear the whining.

62. People who hate Jews.

63. People who think practicing their "new" personal faith is more important than maintaining family unity by continuing to practice, and raise their children in, their "old" faith.

64. People who think that sex, porn viewing, eating, gambling, or shopping can be addictions.

65. People who think addiction is a disease.

66. Parents who think it is acceptable for kids to have their own phones, tablets and the kids who want them.

67. People who think they or their kids should have a Facebook account (even though she invites people to comment on her show's Facebook page).

68. Anyone who thinks an agreement or promise between shack-up lovers matters, since they haven't taken marital vows in a legal marriage.

69. Anyone who thinks their marital vows still matter if there are no minor children and the other spouse has broken the vows, abuses substances or them, is more than ten years older or younger, has a significant incompatibility, or has some other red flag or serious character flaw.

70. Anyone who wants a prenup or any separate financial accounts for a first marriage.

71. Anyone who thinks it is OK for one spouse to have any passwords the other spouse doesn't know.

72. Anyone who thinks it would be beneficial to their child to have a sibling.

73. Cousins who have sex or marry (cousin marriage is legal in about half of the states).

74. Anyone who uses online matchmaking or dating services or apps.

75. Anyone who wants any form of mutually agreed-to nonmonogamy or proposes in-person observation of other people having sex.

76. Vegetarians who want to raise their children as vegetarians.

77. Parents who want to require their children to eat specific kinds of meat.

78. Anyone who thinks being shy or introverted is OK.

79. People who believe anything in their life, especially healing from an ailment, is an actual miracle, or that a Supreme Being intervenes in life.

80. People who believe in soulmates.

81. People who believe there are guardian angels or that deceased friend or family member has any involvement in their life now.

82. (Young Earth) Creationists.

83. People tho think bisexuals, bicurious, and heteroflexible people exist. (Any sex-like behavior with or attraction to someone of the same sex = gay.)

84. People who think midlife crises exist.

85. Guys who don't like it when someone, especially a woman, talks about what behavior makes a man a "real man".

86. Women or teen girls who want to call sex they later regret, or don't want to admit to their parents as having been sexually active, or mutually drunken sex "rape"; women or teen girls who have been raped but refuse to take responsibility for any bad decisions that left them vulnerable with a rapist (and their advocates).

87. Anyone who thinks is acceptable for someone other than the married spouses to touch the marriage bed, even if it is just their child who wants comforting.

88. People who insist breastfeeding should be done in any public place without any covering or blanket.

89. Anyone who loves or defends pitbulls and mistakenly thinks Dr. Laura has said something against them (she said there were a bunch in a shelter that weren't going to be adopted and she said they should be put down because they were taking up space in the shelter that other dogs, which will be adopted, could have.)

90. Anyone who identifies as a "cancer survivor" or "cancer warrior" in a way that implies they beat cancer by their own efforts as though people who were killed by cancer didn't try or weren't good enough at fighting it; anyone who credits their survival to anything but medical treatment and luck.

91. People who want to buy automobiles for their children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews, especially if they are minors.

92. People who refuse to vaccinate their children at all (unless they know for sure the child will be harmed by the vaccine), especially if they don't want other people vaccinating their children.

93. People who think nobody should get a tattoo.

94. People who don't think phrases like "limp d---" or words like "s---" should be used by a satellite radio host/podcaster.

95. Any woman who has been sexually harassed or assaulted, especially in a professional setting, who kept quiet about it rather than doing anything legally possible to expose and stop the abuser.

96. Anyone who thinks it is a good idea for someone to do a DNA-genealogy/ancestry test or to make or accept contact based on such tests, and anyone selling such services (see 16, 17, 19, 20).

97. Anyone who thinks pranks can be fun instead of sadistic.

Is there anybody left???

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  1. nicole3:20 PM

    I love it!

  2. Anonymous6:58 AM

    And by the way, Dr. Laura, I know this won't end up on this blog but I just wanted you to read what a piece of trash I and many think you are.

  3. I had forgotten about that comment. Obviously, I published it. And as I blogged later, I'm not Dr. Laura, but rather a HUGE fan.

  4. dr laura schlessinger6:34 AM

    Dr Laura Schlessinger here: wow! I have certainly covered a lot of ground in 38 years or so on radio. Still preachin', teachin' and naggin' on SiriusXM 106.

    And to "Anonymous," we need to add cowards who don't stand behind their well thought out and articulate comments to this amazing list.

    Happy New Year, drl

  5. Well I love dr laura. I Just Don't understand why she tells single girls to dump their boyfriends who watch porn but if it's a woman's husband she should be fine with porn. Why would the expectation be lower for a husband? This issue bothers me because I agree with everything else she says and her arguments are air tight. I respect her more than any other human being alive but this matter just keeps me up at night. Obviously. I've never met anyone that thought porn was ok. No one would want their daughter to be a porn star or their son. No one would encourage a kid or anyone to do it. If sex is a problem in a marriage how could porn be the answer unless sex is physical only. I find that porn is a sorry excuse for sex. I don't watch it and I keep my husband very satisfied. I come up with new things all the time and I'm no genius. And I've heard dr laura say men had low character who flirt on facebook or who flirt with women while texting. My husband and I do not have Facebook but I would be less offended if I found him flirting than I would if he were looking at porn. Why is it that if it's a woman he doesn't know that she isn't real ? She is. She is a daughter. She is possibly a mother. And these women who exit the porn industry have a lot of disturbing things to say. A lot of them end up with diseases? I just want one person to explain how porn is right instead of saying it isn't wrong. And so what if most men look at it. Since when does that justify anything ? Most people lie too. I've lied. And I'm a decent porn. I've seen porn and I'm a decent person but I'm not going to go around saying it's just fine. And I'm not going to teach my kids it's just fine either.

  6. Hannah, thanks for your comments. I don't know if you saw it, but I wrote an entry on the very topic of what she says about boyfriends viewing porn vs. husbands viewing porn:

    She had told some of her married callers to watch some together.

    I do not defend porn per se, but there are many people who think it is OK to watch and OK to make. You don't appear to travel in circles of people who will admit to such. I think my fellow conservative Christians tend to focus on this matter a little too much and tend to overstate their case against it. Again, I'm not defending it, just saying that it does not turn people into serial killers, as some people seem to imply.

    If this matter really keeps you up at night, I think that is an example of how this has been exploded way out of proportion.

    If "sex is a problem in a marriage how could porn be the answer..."

    Well, I can think of two times Dr. Laura cites porn as "an" "answer":

    1) The wife sexually rejects the husband. Dr. Laura frequently asks "What do you expect your husband to do? a) Become a monk? b) Get a mistress? c) Hire prostitutes? d) Masturbate to porn?" As opposed to b and c, d is the least risky. And here's where I ask if d would be OK with you if the "to porn" was dropped? And when women say yes, I wonder if they have any aids or toys that they ever use.

    2) The husband and wife are having some trouble figuring out how to physically do things OR need a little spark.

    I realize many of my fellow conservative Christians, especially females (and the males who are married to them and don't want to sleep on the couch) do not agree in either of those scenarios. But Dr. Laura is not a Christian. Honestly, the the objections of my fellow Christians are really based on a couple of New Testament phrases and we can't expect that Dr. Laura will share such opinions.

  7. Hi, there! I am also a huge Dr. L fan. I am trying to find out information on her husband. A few days ago she said, "When my husband was still alive...." Has Lou passed? I can't find anything about it online. I could imagine that she wants privacy and slipped on air. Anyway - thought you might know!

  8. I think you heard was only the second reference she made to his death. I think the first was Friday the November 20th, the final minutes of the show, (the hour started out talking with her daughter-in-law on the phone about HR issues) she took a deep breath and said that Lew (Lou?) whose surname was Bishop, but I don't think she mentioned that... that he'd passed away a week and a half prior. Other than sounding a little weary, there had been no other indication on the air. I think she deliberately waited until the end of the show on a Friday to say something, and my guess as to why is that she didn't want to take call after call with people talking about it. I wouldn't be surprised if screeners have been telling callers, if the callers bring it up, not to bring it up on air. It seems to me like part of her coping is to literally work through it, helping her callers and audience.

  9. I understand that after years of living with her deceased husband ( while he was still married) she ultimately married and "made" a child with him. What about the children from his former marriage? How about owning the responsibility for the pain she caused them? I would so respect it if she owns up to that instead of constantly acting as if she never committed that offense. She certainly makes it sound like he was her first husband and they only had one child . Are you Dr Laura remorseful for the pain you caused? My point is - would you tell your kids , I made a mistake but it worked out when most often it doesn't . Isn't sounding like that the same as telling your kids not to use drugs but you light up your weed after they've gone to bed? Telling your callers you are a reformed feminist doesn't really cover it. Ridiculous to give the impression that you haven't committed aggregious acts when you admonish your callers for doing exactly what you have done

  10. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Dr.Laura gets really defensive when callers 'one up' her advice. In her mind, she is always right.

  11. Anonymous12:22 AM

    The wicked witch!

  12. I used to love Dr Laura. I listened to her for years before she was on XM, and I do believe in a lot of what she says. However she lost a listener (which I don't think she cares) when I called in to ask a question. First off, Dr Laura does not like too much info. She does not like detail. So I stated my question/dilemma and when she offered her advice, I said ok and thank you. I made a comment and when she heard it she freaked out, changed her tune, said I was "bitching" at my husband, and that I had a massive need for control. I stood there with my mouth open since none of this was true, it was all shocking, and bc I had no reply, she hung up on me. I think she does this a lot in order to get ratings. I was not bitching at anyone, she did not ask me any good questions to get to the root of my problem/dilemma like a real therapist would, and she bullied me. People call into her seeking advice and are in a vulnerable state. I thought her response to me was disgusting. Never again.

    1. I generally think she's great but I do think she gets it wrong sometimes. Nobody is perfect. Most of what she does on her show is NOT therapy and she doesn't pretend it is. While I do believe she does want to help most callers, some she doesn't (she even says so) and they mainly serve, according to her, as an example to others and as a prompt for her to make a statement.

      Like any skilled call-in audio talk show host, she's almost never going to allow her caller to prove she's wrong. She controls the mic, she can hang up, she can talk over you. She's been doing this a long, long time. She has an answer for everything, such as "You changes the story!" or "You dropped the bomb on me at the end, and so I'm going to leave you know." The flip side is her interrupting you and saying "I didn't ask that!" or "You're giving me too many details" It's "can't lose" for her.

      For example, when she tells people who have no kids to break up, what's the downside to her? There is none. It's not like one of them is going to call back and say breaking up with the biggest mistake of their lives, and if they tried, their statement either wouldn't make it to air, or it would be bushed off as a crank. But if she tells people to stay together and one kills the other, THAT can be a big problem for her. So it's much safer for her to say "Dump him" or "dump her" or whatever.

      I could go on and on and maybe I will in a subsequent entry. Like I said, I generally like her and think she helps a lot of people but I cringe when she gets it wrong. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with her.

  13. She is the last person I would ever ask for advice, let me rephrase that.... I would never ask her for advice. She is the defenitiin of a mean girl. Everything is about her and she has no real intention of helping anyone.


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