Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Boiling Springs Teachers in Hot Water

Over and over again, certain segments of society insist that there is no difference between men/boys and women/girls. And time and time again, we see that this is a denial of obvious reality.

It is more likely to make a bigger splash in the news when female teachers have sex with minor boys than when male teachers have sex minor girls. And when the first situation does hit the news, if the female teacher is somewhat physically attractive (or at least not dumpy) then there will be lots of males who react with, “What’s the crime?” or “Where were teachers like that when I was in school?” Typically, females don’t respond to the second situation with, “Wish that would have happened to me!”

Trevor Anderson reports:

Two Boiling Springs teachers are facing charges after deputies say they threw parties for teenagers that involved alcohol, marijuana and sex.

Sarah Jane Lindsay, 42, of 438 Maplecroft St., and Audrey Beidleman Grabarkiewicz, 44, of 230 Sandy Drive, were taken into custody by Spartanburg County sheriff's deputies Monday. Police had been investigating since a parent came forward with a complaint in July.
A parent came forward with a complaint. I wonder if the parent’s child complained, tried to keep it a secret, or what?

Lindsay, a teacher at Boiling Springs Elementary, is charged with nine counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and criminal sexual conduct with a minor between 11 and 14 years old.

Grabarkiewicz, a preschool teacher at Lake Bowen Baptist Church, is charged with 10 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Investigators said Grabarkiewicz also had “sexual relations with some of the victims,” but, because they were older than 16, she will not be charged, according to a statement from the sheriff's office.

Sheriff Chuck Wright said during a news conference that the incidents happened at parties at the teachers' homes this summer and not at their places of work. The women are parents, but deputies said their children were not involved.
Where were their children?

Wright said he believed there could be more victims. He encouraged parents to speak with their children.
I have to wonder what other children are going to do. If the minors liked what was going on and didn’t want it to stop, it looks like it will stop anyway (assuming it was happening to begin with), so they won’t “lose” that by coming forward. However, whether a minor was disturbed by it or thinks of it as a good time, they might not want to go public with their involvement for any number of reasons. If they do want to see the women punished, they still might not come forward because they figure they’re already going to get punished.

The article has a quote that refers to the danger of kids being under the influence of controlled substances, lest that be forgotten in all of this.

Assuming that all of the allegations are true, I don’t consider this "no big deal". Even though males and females are different, even if all of the boys involved claim it was nothing but a good time, we simply can’t have adults, especially adults in positions of power and guardianship over minors, doing these sorts of things to minors. And if we throw the book at male teachers, and we really believe in equality under the law, we can't excuse female teachers. The minors are not legally responsible for themselves and are legally and emotionally unable to make these sorts of decisions for themselves, and engaging in these activities will likely impair or delay their emotional maturity. Yes, it is going to be different for each teen – one teen may move on and end up being fine very quickly. Other teens may be somewhat traumatized.

One significant difference between the sexes is that, of course, females can get pregnant. Teen pregnancy can be a huge problem. But it can also be a huge problem when a statutory rapist gets pregnant with her victim’s child, and a court may order the victim to pay child support. Yes, it has happened.

I never had anything like this happen to me when I was a student. I really didn’t look at my teachers as sex objects. I looked at them as... teachers. It would have freaked me out. Their role was to be my teacher, my role was to be student. We weren't friends or buddies, even if I liked their personalities. Sure, some coaches were marrying former students, and years later one of the teachers was arrested with his girlfriend as it turned out some of the porn stacked high everywhere in his house was child porn, but that was after I had graduated. I don't think I really thought much about older women in that way until I was close to having My First MILF take my virginity. But I was 19 and mostly responsible for myself at that time. And she never shared her pot with me or boozed me up.

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