Friday, September 03, 2010

It Is Different

The Generous Husband reinforces the importance of marital lovemaking.

A common argument from those who are not providing their spouse with the sex they want, need, and deserve, is that “sex is different”. This is supposed to nullify any reason, logic, or analogy used to show why sex is important, or why withholding sex is wrong.

I happen to agree that sex is different, but in my mind it is different because it is relationally more important to our marriages, emotionally deeper, very intimate, should be treated as special, and made a high priority. In other words, I see it as different in a way that makes sexual refusal far worse than most of the other things we can do in the way of refusing, denying, or wronging our spouse. I’m not saying it’s the worst thing a spouse can do, it’s not. However, it’s the worst one many folks do for long periods of time, and the worst one that is commonly excused or ignored by those who are (rightly) quick to jump on other marital problems.
He goes on to cite Biblical passages.

Meanwhile, over at Married Man Sex Life, there is some good, simple advice on how to keep a husband chasing your skirt and not another woman's.

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