Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stewart's Rod Still Working

At least, that's the presumption.

Hey, I give 65-year-old Rod Stewart credit for his career longevity, catchy tunes, beating cancer, and his charity work. And I don't begrudge him a younger honey – just as I think it would be just fine for a 65-year-old-woman to snag a 39-ish guy.

But I do think it is highly irresponsible for him to be making babies at his age. This story gives no indication that he's married to Penny Lancaster, but according to the always reliable Wikipedia, they are married. So at least this latest kid they are having together is being born into a marriage.

Stewart should get a DNA test on both kids. And a vasectomy. This kid's dad is going to be freakin' 65 and it isn't even like the kid is going to have some young full-of-energy mommy. Oh well, I'm sure the nannies will be a big help.

Enough already, Rod!

And another thing. These stories always say the couple is so happy about having the kid. Of course. You're never going to see in People Magazine something like, "The old man married to the hot young woman tells us that he's really upset. He has grown children already and certainly didn't get remarried to have more. He's already making alternative arrangements for sex. He told her to get an abortion, but she didn't want to 'have my baby ripped into pieces.'" And yes, I'm glad they're not killing the baby.

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  1. I really don't think it is fair on the kids. Even for somone with lots of money like Rod Stewart because we all know that he is not REALLY going to raise the child. TV host Rene Syler makes some valid comments on Rod's decision to have another child at his age. http://www.goodenoughmother.com/2010/08/rod-stewart-dad-again-at-age-65/


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