Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Faithful Husband’s Perspective

Prompted by a call from a woman who asked on Dr. Laura's radio show, "Are there really any faithful husbands out there that exist?", an offended husband wrote to Dr. Laura to explain that he is one.

I see beautiful women just like every other guy; just like your husband. However, the difference between that guy and I is I have learned how to discipline myself out of respect and admiration for my wife. I don't look twice, I don't flirt, I don't go out of my way to gain their attention. I save all that energy for the mother of my children. After all, for what she has done for me and my children, that is the least she deserves. I find honor and dignity in knowing I am responsible for these wonderful people in my life. I learned early in my marriage to focus all my attention on what I have, not on what I don't have.
Some older women tell younger women that all men cheat. This reveals more about the woman making the statement than it does about men. There are faithful men. Some have dedicated wives, and some don't. If a husband cheats, it is a choice he's made. However, generally good husbands are less likely to make that wrong decision if the wife is keeping her vows – if she is sexually enthusiastic instead of sexually rejecting, if she is respectful and mindful of his needs. A cheater is going to cheat either way.

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  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

    "Are there really any faithful husbands out there that exist?"

    Yes, and a lot of unfaithful wives, by all accounts.


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