Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don't Dogs Bite?

It has to be bad enough being a homeless dog without some smelly man using you to get off. Young women and girls who think it is flattering that a guy wants to stick it in them should remember stories like this. Andrew Blankstein reports on this Los Angeles Times blog.

A transient who sexually assaulted a dog he had adopted from an animal shelter has been sentenced to three years' probation, officials with the Los Angeles city attorney's office said Tuesday.

Wade Strickland, 62, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and lewd conduct in connection with a Feb. 2 incident in which he was seen sexually violating the female German shepherd mix beneath a freeway underpass and was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department Animal Cruelty Task Force.
Oh, thank goodness the dog was female. Otherwise, what he did would have been strange.

Judge Mary Lou Villar also ordered Strickland not to own or possess any animals, submit to searches by the LAPD and Department of Animal Services for animals at any time and attend two dozen animal care counseling sessions.
Animal care? Really?

Officials with the city attorney's office said Strickland had previously adopted numerous dogs from the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter.
So he's a player, that cad. Can't stay faithful.

He had been reported for both mistreating his animals and indecent exposure but never had been previously prosecuted.
You mean he was seen exposing his shortcomings?

At the time of his arrest, Strickland was "found with two dogs, including the victim, and pornographic material in his possession," according to the city prosecutors.
Porn? Oh, now you know he's a bad man. The prosecuter and the newspaper cite the porn as if it caused him to molest a dog. If porn was to blame, no animal in the nation would be safe. So he was found with "two dogs, including the victim". I wonder if the other dog was like, "What, I'm not attractive enough?"

The abused dog, which had no visible trauma, was successfully adopted following the incident, officials said.
Seriously, I'm glad the dog has no visibile trauma and found a home.

An item like this always draws plenty of comments from readers. People are unhappy that he just got probation, but would prison be all that bad for a transient? I mean, he'd be getting free shelter, food, medical care, entertainment? Sure, he wouldn’t have a dog to abuse, but you have to consider a the tradeoff.

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