Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Good Advice From the Generous Wife

Lori of The Generous Wife did a series on What Husbands Want. This installment was called "Love Me, Love My Sexuality".

A man's sexuality is an integral part of who he is. When his sexuality is appreciated and satisfied, he feels genuinely loved and deeply satisfied.
Very true.

The single most mentioned thing from the men was "desire me sexually" followed by "please initiate sex" (which is very much the same thing because initiating means you desire him).
Again, very true. Sure, there are a few guys who don't like the wife to ever initiate, but most husbands very much enjoy it.

You'll have to click through to her entry to see all of the mentions, but here are some of them:

surprise me!
Surprises are good, provided they aren’t obviously bad surprises, like cheating.

please be willing to be creative in the bedroom (this was everything from "please don't think I'm into porn because I want to try something new," to desiring creativity to deal with physical problems and limitations), for many men creativity is a normal, good part of sex, not a comment about dissatisfaction.
We like variety!

Generous tip: Think of three different ways to invite your husband to have sex (and try them out on him over the next week). For example, there is the "honey, could you help me with this curtain rod" (or whatever excuse you can think of to get him into the bedroom) followed by an ambush. There is also the direct approach, "honey, you have on too many clothes." You could write up an invitation or call him on his cell phone when you know he is on the way home.
These are excellent suggestions, ladies. Can you think of more? Are there creative things (in initiation or some other sexual or romantic aspect) you'd like your husband to try? Perhaps you can give him a list and say, "Surprise me sometime by doing at least one of these."

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