Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Change For the Better

I love seeing letters like this one on Dr. Laura's website. The writer explains how Dr Laura helped save her marriage, making things better for everone involved.

I was not my husband's girlfriend, I was never interested in sex, complained all the time, tried to control all aspects of our financial life, and worst of all I continually blamed him for any and all of the bumps in our marriage.
None of that excuses his cheating, but she was breaking their vows, too.

I was a real piece of work. It is shocking my marriage had lasted as long as it had. Since I was doing so many things wrong I decided to make a list and work on one thing each month. I heard somewhere if you want to make something a habit you had to do it for 30 days straight and most of the things I was doing wrong was what I was NOT doing.

At first my husband was skeptical, as can be expected, but after a while I really enjoyed the shocked look I would get when I would do something worthy of a good girlfriend.
I wonder why he married her in the first place? Glad she has changed for the better.

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