Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One False Rape Accusation

Here's something else from back in February. A New Jersey woman was sentenced to up to three years in prison for falsely claiming she was gang-raped in New York City. Even if she were to serve a full three years, that would still be less time than the time serve by the man she was key to sending away. It was an Associated Press story by Jennifer Peltz.

Biurny Peguero, 27, pleaded guilty in December to perjury, admitting she made up the September 2005 incident that unjustly put construction worker William McCaffrey in jail and prison for nearly four years. A judge overturned his rape conviction in December, with new DNA evidence also playing a role.
McCaffrey had been sentenced to 20 years.

Prosecutors have said she told them she claimed she was raped to make her friends feel sorry for her. Assistant District Attorney Evan Krutoy suggested Tuesday that she may have lied out of anger at a man who had upset - but not attacked - her.
The way the article is written, it sounds like she at least came forward before she had to.

Defense lawyer Paul F. Callan noted that Peguero came forward to clear McCaffrey, approaching a priest and then authorities this year to recant. Meanwhile, new DNA tests had shown that a wound on Peguero's arm came from at least two women — apparently friends she was fighting with — and not McCaffrey.
What are friends for, after all?

Peguero, who has an infant and a 7-year-old, admitted her lie knowing it could mean prison time for her, he said. He pushed for her to get probation instead.
Probation? For putting that guy away and tying up police and the court? What's more, her criminal actions make things harder for actual rape victims. She has a baby? Did she get knocked up before or after her lies were exposed? Guys, she needs to be on your "do not date" list. She a had minor kid already, so she should have already been on the list.

For his part, McCaffrey's lawyer sent Peguero's judge a letter noting she had made a bold move to right the wrong she had committed.

"Although we are upset about her lies that caused, in part, his conviction, we do applaud her courage in coming forward," the lawyer, Glenn A. Garber, said in an interview.
That's gracious.

Scary stuff. Ladies, you are highly unlikely to be falsely accused of rape, but it can happen your male loved ones. Guys, although it might have been unavoidable for this guy, be careful about where you go and with whom, about women being too drunk, and what happens to your DNA.

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  1. curiepoint3:05 PM

    Garber's parting statements would be amusing, if they weren't so appalling in their implication.

    He applauds her "courage" for coming forward? How about having the fortitude to not throw a hissy fit and lying in the first place? There's no courage in recanting. Why should anyone cower from the truth?

    As for her lies only "partly" being responsible for the conviction, this is just plain wrong wrong wrong. If not for her lies, would he have been convicted of rape in the first place? She was totally responsible for it.

    And what penalty will she pay for ruining a man's life? None.

    Being forgiven does not give anyone a free pass either. One still has to own up to and make amends for their sins. By my estimation, she will suffer no consequences, and that is just plain wrong.

    One day, this is going to happen to entirely the wrong guy, and a real tragedy is going to happen to the accuser. I don't hope for this, but feel that it is inevitable.


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