Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bad Time to Argue

In what appears to be a self-defense shooting, a 57 year-old woman in Long Beach fatally shot a 25 year-old guy. Kelly Puente of the Long Beach Press-Telegram reports.

Police believe the incident stemmed from an altercation in a nearby apartment complex on 6600 block of Obispo Avenue, and say two men ran from the apartment and then hid on the roof of the woman's home.

A 57-year-old woman and her husband were inside the home at the time and heard people walking on the roof. They shouted for the people to get off their property and soon they saw two men jumping off their roof onto the front lawn.

The man and woman armed themselves with handguns and went outside, where a confrontation took place between the residents and the suspects. When one of the men confronted the woman, she fired two rounds, striking him in the upper torso, police said.
That area of Long Beach can get scary, so it isn't surprising if residents take up arms to protect themselves. It isn't too bright to argue with a couple of armed fifty-somethings.

The Los Angeles Times coverage calls the deceased a "victim", but the folks at that paper don't like cops using guns, and really don't like people protecting themselves with guns.

Sometimes, guns are used for good.

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