Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Did Aimee L. Sword Read Sophocles?

Looks like we have what could be another case of Genetic Sexual Attraction*. Or maybe the mother is just a pedophile. Tammy Stables Battaglia reports in the Free Press.

A Waterford mother will spend at least nine years in prison for having sex with the 14-year-old son she gave up for adoption when he was a few days old.
She gave him for adoption when he was a few days old – she didn't have sex with him when he was a few days old. I hope.

Aimee L. Sword, 36, apologized for her actions at her sentencing Monday in Oakland County Circuit Court, said her attorney Mitchell Ribitwer.

Judge Daniel O'Brien sentenced Sword to nine to 30 years in prison.
Thirty years! Looks like she didn't get the vagina discount in sentencing.

Sword received yearly updates and pictures from the boy's adoptive family in Grand Rapids, Ribitwer said. But when she didn't get a picture when the boy turned 14, she contacted him online through a social networking site.
And then things got strange. Another example of why closed adoptions (of whatever they call it when there isn't any contact) is a better way to go.

After the teen got into trouble in Grand Rapids, his adoptive mother -- not knowing about the relationship -- agreed to allow him to stay with Sword in Waterford.
So... he wanted to go, or did this woman offer to "help" and the adoptive mother agreed, against the boy's wishes?

Married at the time, Sword shared her home with her husband and five other children, toddlers to late teens.
Five kids, a hubby, and she did the boy in her home? When?!?

This is not just an evil thing to do to the boy, but and evil thing to do to her husband and the children who lived with her.

But after he returned to Grand Rapids, he talked about the incidents to a counselor, who reported them to police.

"It's the first time I've really seen something like that between a mother-son," Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said Monday after the sentencing.
Hmmm. I think it happens – it just isn't reported, perhaps in some cases because the boy feels special or grown up or think he is equally guilty because he enjoys it on some level. I'm speculating because I didn't have sex with an older woman – or anyone – until I was 19, and I certainly wasn't sexually abused in any way by a blood relative or anyone else. Even if the child enjoys the activity, it is wrong (people see that more readily when the sexes are reversed). Even if he didn't so much as feel pressured by her, it robs him of some important things and he shouldn't have been put in the position. Aside from messing with his mind - what if she had given him an STD or gotten pregnant by him?

*I can buy the idea of Genetic Sexual Attraction. Someone who is not raised with someone else isn't going to see them as child or parent or sibling. Throw in the fact that your offspring will look like a combination of you (which plays to narcissism... or and/or your parents and siblings who you knew and were fond of) and the person you were attracted to enough to have the sex that made the child. And you want to have some sort of connection or bond with this person you've missed for years. So I can understand - but people have to be accountable for their actions and not act on all of their feelings.

How much more is this going to happen with all of the kids being raised with full or half siblings or with one of their biological parents somewhere else? Aside from adoption, think of all of the out-of-wedlock births, the multiple marriages/divorces, egg and sperm donations, etc.

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