Sunday, October 03, 2010

You Signed Up For This

How's this for a Monster-in-Law? ALSO KNOWN AS ... wrote into Dear Abby:

My husband and I dated for eight years before we were married two years ago.
I'm always doubtful about such long relationships finally going into marriage. It often smacks of a desperate attempt to "redeem" a relationship that is not working, or displays a delusion that getting married will fix the lack of satisfaction.

He has a son from a previous relationship, and we have a 9-month-old son together.
How old is his son? If he is a minor, you shouldn't even have been dating your now-husband so seriously.

My problem is my mother-in-law.
Really? Did she suddenly pop into existence at the wedding?

More often than not, she calls me by my stepson's mother's name. Abby, that woman and my husband haven't been together for more than 12 years!
You indicated your acceptance to this by sticking around and marrying him.

Dear Abby responded:

Have you confronted her about it and told her how hurtful it is? If you haven't, you should.
Why? Either the MIL doesn't care, or can’t help it (dementia). Either way, confronting her won't help. I will cause even more tension. Actually, if she is doing it on purpose, the best thing to do is the smile and giggle. if she's trying to tick you off, this will rapidly cause her to stop.

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