Sunday, October 24, 2010

Copper Wire Thieves Get Lit Up

Copper wire thievery can be a dangerous crime.
A man was electrocuted and died as he and a female partner tried to steal copper wire from an electrical vault in South Gate on Saturday afternoon, police said.

The woman tried to pull him away from the vault when it caught fire and exploded, but the electricity traveled through her body and she received severe burns, South Gate police spokesman Lt. Keith Huff said. He said she was taken to St. Francis Medical Center and transferred Saturday night to the Grossman Burn Centers.

As much as I get a kick out of reading about serious criminals getting killed or injured as a direct result of their own wrongdoing, this story had an element that makes me sad.
Two small children were found in a truck 15 feet from the accident but were not injured. They were being held by childrens’ services workers, Huff said.

It is bad enough that the adults were modeling criminal behavior to these children, but imagine the psychological trauma the kids are enduring now.

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