Friday, October 22, 2010

As Messy As My Car Gets...

Sometimes I let trash and recyclables accumulate in my car. I'm not talking about the car filling up. I'm talking about on the floor of the passenger side. I rarely have passengers in that car.

I just can't compare to this woman, however.
A woman drove for months with a mummified body in her passenger's seat before the body was discovered by police, authorities said.

The driver of the 1997 Mercury Marquis tried to cover the decomposing corpse with pieces of clothing, but officers on Monday found it after receiving a call of an illegally parked car.

How did this start?
Investigators said the driver of the car had befriended the woman at a local park and allowed her to sleep in the car overnight. When the woman discovered the woman died while inside, she continued to drive the car with the body at her side, said Sgt. Ed Everett.

The driver told police she was afraid to contact police about the body, so she continued to drive the car.

No, you can't use the carpool lane.

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