Thursday, October 14, 2010

Passive Husband, Horrible Wife

WORRIED GRANDMA-TO-BE wrote in to Dear Abby:

Our youngest daughter, "Camille," has been married for a year. During this time my husband and I have watched Camille berate her husband, "Mike," in front of us and others.
This is the woman you raised.

When I ask her why she does it, her answer is invariably, "He does these annoying things to tick me off."
She does it because he lets her. She does it because she can. Her friends probably encourage her. It is what she sees on TV.

I can't stand how humiliating it must be for Mike.
Yeah, it has to be bad. But that's the woman he’s chosen. How does his mother treat him? How does she treat his father?

Camille's husband is quiet and passive.
Well, yeah. He could stick up for himself. Then your daughter will tell you that he’s controlling or even abusive.

Watching my daughter turn him into a wimp is heartbreaking.
He allows it. He is a wimp. And men pretty much lose all power once they get married. That's why choosing a benevolent dictator/delegater as a wife is so important. Okay, men don't lose all power, as long as they don't care about sex or money or a bunch of other things.

My biggest concern is that they are expecting their first child and, when it comes to mood swings, Camille is in rare form.
He's stuck now. He's stuck for 18-26 years.

Will this drive Mike off, leaving Camille a single mother?
She's probably lost all attraction to him and he'll be lucky to get any sex. No matter. She has her insurance policy growing inside her already.

Can you advise me in this sad situation before it is too late?
Yes. Prepare for her to leave him, taking the baby with her. Actually, she'll probably kick him out. Your grandchild will get to deal with strange men (or women?) spending the night in the home.

Dear Abby wasn't able to give much help. Nobody can, really. That poor kid.

Married people: Do not berate your spouse in front of others. Do not berate them to your family and friends behind their back. If you have a problem with something your spouse has done, talk to them about it in private, in a loving, constructive way. You might have to learn to live with whatever it is you don't like. Or, maybe they will stop doing whatever it is that irritates you.


  1. Curiepoint4:11 PM

    and he'll be lucky to get any sex.

    Au Contraire...if the wife is half the raging, emasculating beast portrayed here, he is far luckier if he doesn't get sex from her.

    The tragedy is not that the marriage took place, nor even the fact that the resulting kid is going to ultimately suffer for it all. The real tragedy will be that the kid might not even be his, and he will do nothing to verify whether it is or not.

    He'll be told to shut up and take her crap and raise the kid anyway.

    Contrary to what the feminist harpies claim, a child is not like any other child. If he didn't have a stake in breeding it, he hasn't the responsibility for feeding it.

  2. All too true, Curiepoint. When a man CHOOSES to adopt a child, that is a far different a story than a man is who all but forced to raise someone else's child. I did have a fleeting thought of saying he should do a DNA test, but the material was depressing enough already.


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