Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ripe Melons

Inspired by my own comments in an earlier post, and comments written by someone else on this other blog I regularly read, I'm taking this moment to write about something that makes me happy... something I like... something I enjoy...


I've offered this disclaimer before and I'm offering it again: I'm talking about sex, what I find to be sexy, turn-ons, etc. If this is a problem for you, skip this entry. I'm a happily married man, so if I get all hot and bothered, I can find a satisfying resolution without engaging in sin. I know not everyone is in the same situation.

On with the show.

Ladies, treating you in a way that makes you feel special often involves a lot of planning, shopping, spending, and talking on the part of your man. Gifts, flowers, cards, sweets, jewelry, spa treatments, dinner at a table service fine dining establishment... stuff like that.

Conversely, you can make your man feel special by simply thrusting your naked breasts into his face.

Am I a boob man? I wouldn't say that. I love every bit of a woman's body – particularly my wife's. But I would be lying if I denied that my wife's ample boobs, hidden as they were in a bra and top, didn't help attract me to her. I also noticed her small waist and bare midriff, her beautiful smile, long hair, etc.

My wife does have breasts on the larger side of the scale.

But women with small breasts can be extremely attractive, too. Men have varying tastes. Yeah, bigger breasts get more attention because... well, something that is there gets more attention than something that isn't.

Some men prefer smaller natural breasts over larger breasts with implants in them. Yet almost all of these men will still like their wife's breasts if they do have implants because they were reconstructed after a cancer battle or some accident – because for husbands, it is more about the woman sporting the breasts, not the flesh itself.

Ladies - if you are a wife, do not hide those beautiful marvels of nature (or, modern medicine) from your hubby. You may not consider them anything special, but he likely does. So what if they don't look like those of an enhanced 19-year-old bikini model, who has never breast fed, in a retouched photo with professional lighting and makeup? Thrust them out proudly – with confidence and playfulness. Cup them. Run your hands over them. Place his hands on them and move his hands over them. Stick a nipple in his mouth.

Let him revel in your splendor.

If you get pleasant physical sensations from any of this (women apparently have different levels of sensitivity in their breasts), let him know how good it feels. If it is just like touching any other part of your body... well, know that he likes it even it you'd feel the same if he was kissing your forearm.

If they have any size to them, they can also be used to stimulate his penis, including to the point of orgasm. The easiest way is pushing them together around his lubricated organ and going from there - varying from you being the passive person or the active mover. Extra points if you can manage to involve your mouth into this maneuver.

I've long appreciated and admired breasts. It probably started when I was breastfed as an infant. I have a vague memory of being breastfed as one of my earliest memories. I will forever be notorious in my family for an incident recorded on audio tape of me describing a drawing I had made of my mother earlier that day in pre-school. "These are her eyes, this is her mouth, these are her boobies..."

"Very observant little boy," my father can be heard noting.

Yes, males of all ages stare at boobs. A lot of us haven't developed the skill of averting our gaze for politeness, purity, or any other good reason, such as avoiding walking into a wall. Of course I notice if a woman has a nice set, but I try to focus on my wife, and her nice set even if she isn't with me at the moment. Heck, I've always been a little shy anyway, so I've never been the type to gawk or leer at another live person (that is, unless we're talking about my wife, or one of the women with whom I was fornicating in my rebellious bachelor years), and I've never seen a stripper or topless dancer perform in person, even rejecting attempts to take me to a "club" on the night of my bachelor party.

I do like the sight of breasts, though.

Boys, like men, are visual creatures. From what I can tell, my pre-pubescent and pubescent quest to find the pleasantly revealing sight of a good pair - such as those in bikini tops, or bras - was not unusual. Finding a depiction of actual nakedness was a rare treat. This involved media such as television, film, and print (no Interwebs back then), artwork, swimming, and beachgoing. (Note that this is how a lot of boys find porn in the home.) This was a matter I tried to hide, or do surreptitiously, certainly with a bit of shame and my conscience weighing on me. I had the idea that I wasn't supposed to see naked breasts or stare at them even if they were somewhat covered, even though this was precisely how so much entertainment or advertising was designed, or how some women intentionally dressed. Ah, so confusing for a growing boy, especially before I knew what masturbation was.

Well, I'm a husband now, and it isn't a sin to enjoy what God gave my wife. Good ol' Solomon even has passages in the Bible encouraging me to enjoy them. Even when we are clothed, I like embracing her from behind and lifting them in my hands, kissing her on her neck, maybe getting a glimpse of her cleavage from over her shoulder.

And wives, it isn't a sin for your husband to enjoy what God or one of his helpers (plastic surgeon) has given you.

So put your body to good, clean, fun use, and don't hide your breasts during lovemaking, or neglect the ways they can be used to enhance lovemaking.

Isn't it great that they can feed your babies and make your husband happy? Wonderful things.

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