Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jerry Newcombe Finds False Hope in Prince Harry's Self-Sacrifice

Jerry Newcombe posted a marriage-selling column at under the headline "Marriage Is The Dream That Will Not Die".

June is the month of weddings.
Yes, where dreams go to die.
Now that the dust has completely settled from the mid-May wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s interesting to note that the eyes of hundreds of millions around the world were looking at this whole event with great interest.
He was being extremely foolish. I'll be pleasantly be surprised if it works out for him.
How come---in light of the notion that marriage is just an antiquated institution these days?
Because people like parties and women are delusional with their princess fantasies and narcissists when it comes to relationships.
Marriage is ultimately a picture of Christ and His bride.
Sure, if you're talking about holy matrimony and not the abomination our culture now calls marriage. I mean really. Compare marriage from Israel 2,000 years ago to what was call marriage today in the West. There's very little resemblance.
Writing for Bentley University, Meg Murphy observes, “Millennials are saying no to traditional marriage in record numbers.”
Of course it is, because what we now call marriage is all about the feelings of the adults, especially women. There is no societal shame or disincentives to unwed cohabitation, sex, or raising children. Women are "independent". So why bother marrying? What, to have a bunch of your divorced relatives at a party, standing next to your married-but-miserable relatives?

She adds: “The marriage rate might drop to 70 percent---a figure well below rates for boomers (91 percent), late boomers (87 percent) and Gen Xers (82 percent).”
It'll probably go lower than that.
He goes on to explain, mostly using a quote, that marriage really isn't about romance. It's about commitment. Ah yes, commitment.

I know some young people who really want to get married. But they make the criteria so hard for a potential spouse. They raise the bar so high that virtually no one can reach it. 
As they should!!! Why would anyone "become one" with someone substandard?!?

Specific things that couples do can greatly increase the chances of their staying together.
Yeah, such as not caring enough to bother to divorce.
This includes praying together, going to church together, and developing hobbies together.
People do this and still get divorced.
Being quick to forgive and to overlook faults contributes to a healthy marriage.
Sure, like how people who ignore that the house is falling apart are less likely to move.

He goes on to try to convince us that marriage is good. And again, maybe he means holy matrimony. Unfortunately, we live under the laws of the land.
It’s good for your spiritual health,
He's probably means that you're not out fornicating. It hasn't been so good for my spiritual health.
your mental health
physical health
your fiscal health
HA!!! NOPE!!!
your sexual life.
 In short, it’s good all around.
And it’s good for society.
There's the real reason columns like this are published. They want men to sacrifice themselves for what they think will be good for society.
And yet marriage is under attack in America---seemingly from all quarters, such as:
·No-fault divorce laws which make it easy to get divorced, even if only one wants out. Imagine trying to do business with someone, where the other person can simply opt out whenever he/she feels like it.

Yet you still encourage men to sign a terrible contract.

Sorry. You're fighting a losing battle. I hope your wife rewarded you for it.

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