Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Maybe She'll Get a Show on E!

From the Associated Press, distributing stuff from Maine's Portland Press Herald, comes this update on a repeat "American Idol" contestant.
A police report says 25-year-old Jessica Candage of Yarmouth was spotted Sunday evening by a Portland officer who said it appeared she was preventing her husband from walking toward him. The officer then saw Candage punch her husband, Craig, in the face several times.

She's now facing domestic abuse charges, and I hope she will be get the very same treatment as if the sexes were switched in this story.
Craig Candage told the Portland Press Herald the incident was his fault and his wife shouldn't have been charged.

Isn't that the classic response from a victim of DV? There's something wrong with him for trying to protect her from the law. Or she's really, really good in the sack. Most crazy women are, and a lot of guys will put up with a heckuva lot for wild sex. It's all fun until she cuts off your penis or sets you on fire, and not only gets away with it, but has a movie made about her to air on Lifetime.
Jessica Candage competed on "American Idol" under the stage name Jessica Cunningham.

Cunningham? I don't remember Joanie behaving that way.
She twice made it to the final 24. When last voted off the show, she responded to the judges' rejection by delivering a two-fisted, obscene gesture.

That was no doubt a way to get a little more airtime. Stay classy.

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