Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Boy Being Raised in Chaos

Here's another shining example from the "single mother" files. FEARFUL NANA IN GEORGIA wrote in to Dear Abby:
My daughter, "Alana," has a 7-year-old son my husband and I have helped to raise while she got her life together and pursued her lucrative career.

There's no father around, or mentioned at all. One must wonder why Alana didn't give the boy, "Tristan", up for adoption since she is so busy.
The problem is, every time Alana gets a new boyfriend, she rushes to make the boyfriend Tristan's "daddy."

Unacceptable. She shouldn't be doing that, but no man should be putting up with it.
The men my daughter chooses are crude, rude and, without fail, feel a need to "straighten out" Tristan. My grandson does not need straightening out because he is polite, engaging and a good soul.

What he needs is you to adopt him.
Alana claims she's "in love" and fails to see the potential harm this guy could inflict on Tristan. We do not employ corporal punishment, but Jeff has already said (several times) he would "beat his butt"!

That is your concern? Spanking? That's the least of the problems with what is going on.

Dear Abby questions Alana's self-esteem (of course - even though it sounds like Alana wasn't spanked). If she has such low esteem, how did she get a lucrative career?
You and your husband need to get across to her how harmful it is for her to repeatedly introduce men to her son as "daddies."

She's not going to listen.
Parents should wait until they know their prospective mates well enough to be assured they won't injure the child physically or psychologically.

Parents should wait until their kids are grown.

That poor kid. His grandparents are his lifeline. Who knocked up Alana? Do you have any idea what is being done to your offspring?

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