Saturday, March 13, 2010

Married Men Get More Sex - Part Six

Since I wrote about how an unmarried man can get more sex than a married man (see Part 1 and Part 5), I think I should balance it out by pointing out that there are ways for a man to lower his risk of getting divorced. Statistics that say that anyone who marries is facing a 50% divorce rate are misleading, but they are frequently used as a reason men should avoid marriage.

Even if it is true that half of all marriages end in divorce, the statistic takes into account second, third, fourth, etc. marriages. The odds of two people, marrying for the first time, ending their marriage in divorce, is significantly less than 50%. But there are other factors, too.

I want to see the studies that track the divorce rates of first-marriage couples who:

1) Did not cohabitate with each other before marriage (shack up). (Perhaps include subsets including people who did not have sex with each other before marriage, people who married as virgins, etc.)
2) Frequently attend religious services together
3) Regularly have dinner or breakfast together
4) Are no more than seven years apart in age, with the male being older
5) Married in the 25-35 age range
6) Married after 12-30 months of dating
7) Were childless when they married
8) Had premarital counseling of some sort, which may mean multiple meetings with clergy or a class together
9) Were finished with their formal education when they married
10) Did not have significant debts, aside from mortgage or car payments
11) Didn't experience ongoing substance abuse

If someone does these things, I'm sure they're greatly reducing the odds of being divorced. Once married, if someone has picked the right person, they treat that person well, the odds are going to be even more favorable.

The next (and last, for now) installment will be about how a married man can get more sex. Read it here.

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