Saturday, April 19, 2008

Leveling the Playing Field: Domestic Violence Response

This entry is part of a series.

The introduction is here.

The first two suggestions are here, on paternity determinations, are here.

Suggestions three and four, dealing with child support, are here.

Suggestions five and six, dealing with pre-nups and alimony, are here.

7. Domestic violence response equality. We can’t ignore or dismiss domestic violence against men (perpetrated by women) anymore. If women have shelters, men should have shelters. If a woman assaults a man, she should be arrested, just as a man should be if he assaults a woman. When the police respond to a domestic disturbance call and they determine a man and woman assaulted each other, BOTH should be removed. Domestic violence is NOT okay, even if you have a vagina or PMS

I'll be posting my suggestions at some other time for how men can protect themselves in the current culture, since the seven suggestions I have offered in this series for making things more equal under the law are unlikely to be implemented any time soon.

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