Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Prager Encourages Having Many Children

Dennis Prager not only advocates marriage (and he likes it so much he married a third time after two divorces), he advocates people have a lot of children. He speaks as though it's rainbows, roses, and unicorns, talking about what a "joy" it is. It's such a joy there are parents who murder their kids. And there are kids who murder their parents. Oh, what joy!

It's a bad idea to encourage reluctant people to marry. That's how you get more murder-suicides. And it is even worse to encourage reluctant people to have a lot of children. That's how you get Andrea Yates.

Prager bemoans falling fertility rates. He also insists people don't need a lot of money to raise a lot of children. Mind you, in his world, kids don't have birthday parties every year, they don't have the run of the house, and they sit quietly at the dinner table all through dinner unless spoken to. Kids don't expect their parents at every sports/music/dance practice or performance nor at spelling bees or other academic contests. The older kids help out with raising the younger kids. You know, like Josh Duggar?

While people like me point out that children are very expensive, in Prager's thinking, people of more modest means can and should have many children because they can live in some less desirable place, in a more "modest" house, and only two bedrooms are needed for the kid: one for the girls, and one for the boys. All of their clothes can be hand-me-downs from thrift stores as can all of the furniture. Kids can eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning, simple home-cooked meals and leftovers the rest of the time.

Forget about things like:
  • A reliable, late-model automobile
  • A decent HVAC system
  • A nice home entertainment system
  • Going to nice restaurants
  • Attending professional sporting events, concerts, or theater
  • Going to movies anyplace other than a drive-in or a end-of-run cinema
  • Visiting amusement parks
  • Travel for weddings, funerals, or vacations beyond driving to a nearby bare-bones campground
  • Rescuing your child from hazardous public schools, unless you can homeschool
  • Paying for weddings
  • Paying for college
  • Retirement
  • Nurturing a child's gift in an art or sport
And if anyone in the family has a disability or medical costs, has a learning disability or needs special tutoring, TOUGH DARTS!

Need to hire lawyers? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

But hey, you'll have a lot of carbon copies of yourself running around, and that's what really matters. Never mind that some of them might be self-destructive or evil or junkies or criminals and for every additional child you have the greater the odds you'll have a child who turns out that way. Keep popping them out!

Oh, and Prager thinks public assistance is often very bad, so no relying on that. Hey, if you want to have a lot of children and you can give those children what they need without being a drain on society, good for you. Have at it. But that's not reality for most people in today's culture.

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