Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I Need a Vacation

I now understand why married men go on fishing and hunting trips with the guys.

I am in desperate need of a vacation.

By "vacation", I don't mean taking the wife and kids somewhere, or staying home and dealing with them. That's not relaxing for me.

I can't tell you how many times I've felt ill and, if I had lived alone, I would  have stayed home, but since I don't live alone, I got up and worked all day.

While I'm trying to work, I'm frequently contacted by my wife with instructions on things she needs me to do (sometimes immediately) or I even get contacted by the school about something my kid is doing.

My wife and kids require a lot of work out of me. Mind you, my wife is a SAHM. Still, I'll come home from a long day of working and commuting, I'll need to feed them all, go grocery shopping, and then take out seven or eight bags of trash for the weekly trash pickup. Then I need to get the kids to bed before I can collapse.

The problem with getting away by myself is that it would leave the kids home with my wife, and that's not a good idea for multiple days. It might result in headlines. I wish I was entirely kidding.

I daydream about being a guy with no wife, no kids, and having more time than things that need to get done.

I can only drop one kid at a time off with my mother. But I need to figure out how I can have my kids being watched by others, and then figure out an excuse to get away for several days or a week, even if "getting away" isn't really going anywhere. It could be a simple as sending my wife somewhere else.

While I'd be coming back to the same life, being able to recharge for a bit might keep me going.

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