Thursday, March 03, 2011

When the Neighbors Put on a Show

GETTING AN EYEFUL IN OHIO, who lives in a home and has a son who is under 2, wrote in to Dear Abby:

After living here for a while, we noticed that the neighbors behind us have a large window in their shower, and they tend to take a lot of nighttime showers. (I'm sure you can see where this is heading.)
It turns you on?

For a long time, we chose to ignore it, but my motherly instincts are getting the better of me now. I can't help thinking of the day when my son is old enough to realize what he's seeing.

My husband and I have been debating whether to tell our neighbors we can see them showering.

They probably know. They might like it. Why else would they have a big, uncovered window in the shower? It's not hard to cover the window. Or am I more aware of sight lines than people in general?

Don't bring it up to them, unless you want to pay them a compliment or hit on them, which I don't recommend.

Sometimes they get pretty carried away in there.
I would hope so.

Should I tell them we can see everything? And if so, how do I go about it without causing them to be embarrassed, ashamed or angry?
There's no telling how they would react for sure. I've always been aware of my surroundings when having some form of sex. I made a point of closing the blinds at one girlfriend's condo. I'd like to say I did that because I'm not an exhibitionist - it was more a matter of knowing on some level that I was doing something wrong (fornicating). There were a couple of times she closed the blinds as a way of initiating.

Isn't there a room of your home suitable for your son that doesn't face that window? If not, consider shutters/shades/blinds or remodeling. On planting trees/bushes in the way.

Given the Biblical prohibition against "adultery in the heart" I can't justify it, but being brutally honest about myself, I'd probably watch. Aside from male sexual nature, there's the curiosity factor.

Dear Abby's response was wrong. She told them to write a note proposing working on a solution together.

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