Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kevin Federline Needs a Vasectomy

This blog posting reports this item:

His current girlfriend, volleyball player Victoria Prince, 28, is pregnant with her first child with baby-daddy KFed, according to People magazine.

Britney Spears' onetime husband and father of her two boys -- Jayden, 4, and Preston, 5, -- also has two other kids -- Kaleb, 6, and Kori, 8 -- with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, an actress-singer who starred in "Moesha." Federline left his baby-momma to be with Spears, who divorced the failed rapper in 2007.
As great as Spears' sons may be, once Federline and Jackson parted rather than marrying, he should have gotten a vasectomy. Now there are four children (that we know about) who are in broken homes, and odds are there will now be a fifth. Jackson's comments on this news took the high road. Good for her. But with each new kid made with a new woman, Federline's existing kids suffer.

Just stop it already, sir. Get a freakin' vasectomy and stop making babies out of wedlock. And women who want to mess around with this guy need to either stop letting this guy’s penis anywhere near their vaginas, or they need to remove their ovaries.

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