Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Men Want Sex More Than Women

With apologies to America's most successful talk show host (love him or hate him), it seems to me that one Undeniable Truth of Life is that in general, men want sex more than women.

Anybody want to argue this?

Sure, there are some women who want sex more than some men, and sometimes these people meet, but in general, men want sex more than women. If you randomly select a man out of all of the men in the world and randomly select a woman out of all of the women in the world, most likely, he's going want sex more than her.

To me, the most obvious example of this is that the overwhelming majority of prostitution customers today and in every culture in history are and have been male. True, some prostitutes are male, but most male prostitutes (or sex slaves, in some cultures) service males.

Most strip clubs target male customers.

Most porn targets male customers.

Men are mostly expected to do the pursuing, including asking for dates, paying for dates, asking for marriage, etc. However, this example is not as clear to me at the prostutution example, because of all of the other factors involved. Same goes for polygamy, which some people automatically think of in terms of polygyny (one husband, multiple wives), which is currently seen in some Muslim cultures and families, in Mormon splinter groups (as seen in the fictional "Big Love" and the reality show "Sister Wives") and in a very crude form in the lives of people like Charlie Sheen and Hugh Hefner.

With as easy as some women have become these days, most men still have to do a little work to get sex. Not so for a woman. A woman who wants sex can almost certainly get sex at any time with almost no effort whatsoever. Standards, concerns about reputation, and other factors more important to women than sexual gratification keep most women from testing this, but most people know this to be true based on human nature.

Observers of homosexual sociology note the generalities are different when comparing gay men/couples to lesbian women/couples when it comes to things like sexual frequency. how much time elapses between meeting for the first time and sexual activity, and the persistence of sexual encounters in long-term relationships. Why? Men want sex more than women.

I'll save the implications of this truth for another day. But if anyone disagrees, please comment. Heck, you can comment if you agree, too.



  1. Honestly ... I think it comes down to masturbation. If you have a penis, you'll probably get an erection, eventually figure out how to achieve orgasm and WOW, fun new toy. Right?

    Masturbation is trickier for women. You kind of have to go looking and experiment and figure out how it all works. If you do the research, you understand that sex and orgasms are pretty fun. However, based on conversations with other women, some girls never figure it out and thus don't really get the whole sex hype and kinda prefer not to have to bother with it. If you're not getting yours ... it's kinda just a messy grunty waste of energy.

    That doesn't even touch on the societal expectations of women to be virginal before marriage and sex fiends shortly post nuptial. Its not easy.

    That's what I say :)

  2. MBR...

    Thanks for that. I think that definitely has truth to it. The analogy of men having an engine that is always running, even if just idling, comes to mind. Obviously, someone is more likely to want to drive if they know they enjoy it, know they WILL enjoy it, and the car is going to be running anyway, as opposed to not knowing how to drive, or not knowing if you'll even like it, having dealt with incompetent drivers in traffic that didn't make any on-road experiences much fun, getting a stigma for driving in the first place, and the engine being off and cold to begin with.


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