Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Very Desperate OC Housewife

I've been keeping too busy to blog a lot lately. But there has been so much to write about. Sean Emery has the Orange County Register story:

A 36-year-old Lake Forest woman was arrested Friday on suspicion of having sex with a 13-year-old boy who authorities say she met in Maryland after the two cultivated an online relationship.
There are plenty of 13-year-olds in Orange County. I wonder if she has any local victims?

Rachel Ann Hicks first befriended the boy while playing X-Box Live online in September, and the two began trading phone calls, texts and e-mails, including sexually explicit images and movies, Orange County Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said.
Now, to be sure, there are some 13-year-old boys who would think this was the greatest thing that could ever happen to them. That still doesn't make it right. There's no way he could have legitimately consented to this, and even if he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it has no doubt messed with his mind, at the least. It could have downright traumatized him. Plus, she could have given him an infection.

But the story gets "better"...

While visiting family members in Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday, Hicks, a married mother of three, drove to the boy's home in Maryland and "engaged in sexual activity" with him, Amormino said.
I wonder how she explained to her family where she was going? She's a married mother of three. Where did she find the time to do all of this game-playing and grooming of victims? And where were this boy's parents? Did he use a cover story about being with a friend?

She was taken into custody at her Lake Forest home Friday afternoon, and is being held without bail on suspicion of rape, child molestation and sexual solicitation of a minor, Amormino said.

Hicks admitted to having a relationship with at least one other underage boy in California, Amormino said, and authorities are searching for additional victims.

"She flew to Florida and drove to Maryland, so apparently there are no boundaries," Amormino said.
Yeah, {if guilty) she's pretty desperate.

I know there is at least one judge out there who would assign a requirement to pay child support to the rape victim, if a baby was produced from this. I also wonder if the great state of California will give her half of the marital assets, and alimony, should her marriage end? I'm assuming child custody will go to her husband (who could also be required to pay child support if she births a child from this). Will she have to pay child support to her hubby? Will she get the same amount of prison time a man would if the sexes were reversed?

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