Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finishing a Sentence

Sometimes, a couple will be together for years, and when they break up, it is supposedly because the guy didn't want to get married. But then not too long after that breakup, the guy will be engaged to someone else.

Why? Well, it could be that when the guy said, "I don't want to get married", he was not finishing the sentence. If he had, it would have been "I don't want to get married... to you." Or, it could be that he doesn't want to get married, but he's willing to "go along" with the idea and even actually get married rather than having that woman move on to someone else. Either way, it isn't exactly an ego booster to the first woman.

I thought about that when I saw this Associated Press story with the headline "Hugh Hefner's Ex Not Happy About His Engagement".

She plays it off as concern for him, though.

Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend Holly Madison tells Life & Style magazine she's not OK with his engagement plans.

She says the 84-year-old Playboy magazine founder is "making a hasty decision" by getting engaged to 24-year-old Playmate Crystal Harris.

Madison tells Life & Style she arranged a meeting with the couple after reading on Twitter that Hefner had proposed.
Here comesthe real point to all of this:

The meeting was filmed for her "Holly's World" reality show on the E! cable television channel.
All of this "news" about what Holly thinks is really about getting publicity for the television show. Hey, Madison turned her stint in the harem into an ongoing TV career. She's no dummy, and knows how to get attention. Good for her for making a living.

Madison says she wished the couple the best but told them Harris had better not do Hefner wrong or she'll "kick her butt."
Oh, please. As my mother's uncle used to say when my mother told him that the young women he was dating only wanted him for one thing - he wanted them for one thing, too, so it was a fair trade. He knows what he is doing, and she knows what she is doing. We can scoff and talk about how wrong it is all we want, but in a strange way, I think it could actually be better if they did marry rather than continue together unmarried, especially if they don't make a show of not being monogamous to each other.

The 31-year-old Madison and Hefner dated for six years until their breakup in 2008 because she wanted to get married and he didn't.
Yup. He probably still doesn't want to get married, but he knows what a pre-nup is, he knows what a lawyer is, and he offers her jewelry and a special party to keep her around longer.

This would be the third marriage for Hefner. He divorced another Playmate last year.
That doesn’t really tell the whole story. He was legally married to Kimberly Conrad, but the marriage had really ended many years ago. She and their son (I don't remember if they had other children together) lived on adjacent property. I actually saw the three of them together when the kid was a little kid. They were doing the family thing at a family venue.

Hefner is enjoying what money, fame, and his business has allowed him to enjoy. Call it wrong, call it disgusting, but these women freely choose to do these things, for any number of reasons. Hef, please, please, please do not get her pregnant.

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