Monday, January 03, 2011

It's Looking Like a Better Year

For most of the weekend, it looked like the new year was going to start off on a dismal note. For quite a while, the sexual frequency was down to once a week. Several weeks back, I started getting what I would call "mercy oral" – very mechanical, very "going through the motions" – once during the week as well. Hey, that's better than nothing, but I really enjoy my wife's body and seeing, touching, and tasting her, and especially pleasing her, and I wasn't getting to do that during the week.

Christmas weekend, because of everything my wife wanted to get done, I didn't even get our usual weekend session. If it was anything, it was the mercy oral, like during the week.

This definitely had an impact on my mood. I get irritable.

I told my wife this weekend that it had been too long since I'd seen her naked, too long since I'd tasted her. Unfortunately, she was menstruating. I'm still willing to do what I can for her, but she is generally against doing anything down there while menstruating. So, we had skipped the week before and then there was this.

New Year's Eve was a non-event. We went over to the in-laws' to exchange Christmas gifts (because we hadn't seen them since before Christmas) and have a meal. The brother and sister who had fought with them weren't there, and no mention was made of Christmas Eve. But we left to return home long before midnight, as the get-together was never meant as a NYE get-together.

NYE used to be a big deal in my life. I can remember it being a huge deal going as far back as I can remember. There were a couple of years I was asleep at midnight because I had to show up at a job at 4, 5, or 6am, but otherwise it was a big deal. I know we celebrated big time when my wife was pregnant with our first child, because we knew our life was going to be different after the birth. It seems like the last few years, though, it hasn't been an event for us. I would have planned something had I realized we were not going to be at the in-laws'.

So, having written all of that, why is it looking like a better year?

Last night, as I was turning in for the night, my wife joined me. I knew something was up, because she had already given me the mercy oral the night before. Turns out that one of her New Year's resolutions was to send me off to sleep with, as she put it, a smile on my face every night. Yes, it was another night of mercy oral, but that is certainly better than nothing. I can't remember the last time we had sexual contact two nights in a row. It was probably the last time we were trying to make a baby. I expect that sometime within the next couple of days, I will regain access to her body.

This is one resolution I hope she keeps! I will do my best to help her by initiating as often as possible. If this resolution is kept, it can have a huge impact on our marriage. Who knows, maybe she will let me take her to climax more than once every week or two?

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