Monday, April 16, 2018

Women Need to be Romanced

Husbands, how often have you heard that if only you were more sensitive, caring, romantic, did more around the home, and jumped through any number of hoops, your wife would be willing to have sex with you more often? Haven't you heard that women need to be pursued and romanced over the course of the whole day in order to get turned on?

Exhibit A, your Honor: A recent letter to Dear Abby.

I am a 17-year-old senior and have been dating the same boy for two years.
High schoolers shouldn't do that. Not exclusively, anyway. Guys, you don't need a girlfriend while you're trying to get educated.
A month ago, he told me he wanted to break up "because he needed some time to figure out what he wanted."
Translation: "I want to figure out if I want to have another girl as my girlfriend, primarily by sticking my penis in her."
I was devastated but agreed. Two weeks later, he told me he was sorry and he loves me.
Translation: "I couldn't get the other girl or she's not as good at sex or sexually compatible with me as you are."
We are back together now, but the weekend after our breakup,
Hours or days after the breakup.
I went to visit a college girlfriend. We went to a party and I ended up having sex with a boy I didn't even know.
Here are the really big questions, men:

How much romancing did that boy do?
How much of her laundry did that boy do?
How much did he prove that he could take care of her, protect her, provide for her?
Did he ever take out the trash?
Did he ever wash the dishes?
Did he ever buy her flowers?
Did he set up a candlelit dinner?
Did he even buy her dinner?
How much money do you think he spent on her?

You get the idea. He didn't do any of that, and yet she did him.

Somehow, she was able to have sex without any of that romance or helping out. And she's not a freak. This is very typical.
I feel guilty and unworthy. What should I do? If I tell my boyfriend, I'm sure I'll lose him for good. If I don't tell him, I'll always worry that he will find out from someone else.
You're 17! Are you going to go to the same college as this boyfriend?

He has a lot to learn if he thinks she wasn't getting some, especially since he was probably getting some or trying really hard to (or had already, when he broke up with her). Guys, expect that within hours after you break up, she's getting some. Come to think of it, you shouldn't assume  or count on her having only been with you while you were a couple anyway.

Surprisingly in this age of "me too", Dear Abby didn't tell the LW she was raped. Even if the age of consent is 16 or 17 where she was (and we don't know it was), she was probably drinking.

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  1. I used to believe all that crap about how if you just pushed all the right buttons you'd be having mind-blowing sex five times a week. I came to the gradual realization that the real reason my wife didn't want to have sex with me was simply because she just didn't find me attractive. I don't take it personally. She's not the only woman on the planet who doesn't want to have sex with me!

    I enjoy your writing very much. Keep up the good work.


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