Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Responsibilities of Fathers

I'm a husband and a father. I was born to and raised by a married mother and father. Half of all of my ancestors were fathers. So I think I know a little thing about this topic. I thought I would come up with a list, roughly in order of importance. This is a work in progress. The second half of the list are things that can be delegated to hired help and may be out of order. I'd like your feedback, serious or funny.

Responsibilities of Fathers:

1. Being There

2. Loving Their Momma (that’s a whole ‘nother list in itself)

3. Spiritual and Moral Instruction and Leadership

4. Bodyguard/Firearms Instructor

5. Being a Straight Guy Who Tells and Shows a Daughter She’s a Worthy Lady Without Trying to Sell Her Something or Get in Her Pants

6. Scaring the Hell Out of Guys Who Want to Date the Daughter

7. Teaching a Son How to Be a Man and Not to Get Played By a Woman

8. Enforcer

9. Backup Diaper Changer/Baby Burper

10. Walking ATM

11. Sports Trainer/Horseplay Participant/Cheerleader

12. Family Accountant/Financial Planner (Often shared by or deferred to the wife.)

13. Handyman

14. Mechanic

15. Cameraman

16. Trash Eliminator

17. Remover of Scary Critters

18. Mower of the Lawn

19. Chauffeur

20. Gofer

21. Door Opener

22. Installer of Electronics

23. Lifter of Heavy Objects

24. Opener of Jars

25. Reacher of High Places

26. Fire Guy (BBQ Chef, Fireplace Stoker)

27. Comic Relief

28. Deal Negotiator

Your thoughts?

(Side note... the pace of my blogging here and dropped off due to my time being taken up by more important things... some of which I am likely to write about.)

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