Monday, February 07, 2011

Good Clean Fun

Save water. Shower with your spouse. SQUEAKY CLEAN IN NORTH CAROLINA wrote in to Dear Abby:

My husband has been talking about many married couples who take showers together.
That's fairly common. Some even have breakfast together.

In fact, he claims that most couples do.
A majority probably have at some point.

Our relationship in the bedroom has been great so far, and I'd like to keep it there.
Ah… one of those. In bed. Under the sheets. Late at night. Light's out. Missionary-position only. Once a month?

I don't want a twosome in the bathroom. Am I wrong to enjoy my privacy in the shower?
What's the problem? Is there something you don't want him to see? Is that where you shave your mustache? What if you took your shower and then allowed him to join you in the shower? Be glad he still wants you. If you wanted your privacy, you shouldn't have gotten married. Now, if he wanted to join you while you were on the toilet and you had a problem with that, I'd back you up.

I love getting in the shower with my wife.

I have have fond memories, from my wayward youth, of joining one girlfriend in the shower on a somewhat regular basis. At least once, she took the initiative to soap me up and manipulated me with her hand until I shuddered and got weak in the knees.

Dear Abby responded:

If you feel your time in the shower is sacred alone time, you're entitled to your feelings. If an encounter isn't pleasurable for both parties involved, then it's usually not particularly satisfying for either one.
Switch the sexes and ask yourself if Dear Abby would tell a man the same thing if he wrote in complaining that his wife wants to hold hands, hug, cuddle, and talk, and he doesn’t feel comfortable doing all that – he just wants to keep having intercourse with her. Wouldn't she tell him to get some therapy?

Why not get over the inhibitions?

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