Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things I Love About My Wife

Okay, I have a couple of more entries to make about my gripes, but it is time for some balance. Not too long ago, I got tired of seeing how much people were using online social networking to "publicly" (non-anonymously) complain and whine about their spouse and their marriage, and not enough time focusing on the things they do like and on the good things about their marriage. Or, they'd spend hours answering stupid questions about themselves, but would they spend any time on making their spouse’s life better?

The list below is based on something I posted for everyone, especially my wife, to see. It has been altered to protect her identity and I made it a lot less "safe for work" because, well, it is easier for me to do that here on this blog and her family doesn’t read this. (People gave positive feedback to my posting, though they did not follow suit and do the same kind of posting themselves, which is what I was hoping to spark.)

In no particular order, and certainly not all-inclusive, I present...
37 Things I Love About My Wife

1. She gave me a daughter.
2. She gave me a son.
3. She is raising our kids and doing a darn good job of it.
4. Her devotion to breastfeeding.
5. She has a high pain tolerance, which is why she doesn't complain even with the breastfeeding has meant lots of painful pumping.
6. She's good with my family.
7. The strength of her faith.
8. We share political views.
9. She has achieved her professional and personal dreams, despite her disability.
10. She makes family her priority and would do anything for our family.
11. She tells me and shows me that she respects me and loves me.
12. She believes in my dreams and generally encourages me.
13. She acknowledges and appreciates the little things I do.
14. She almost always apologizes before I can even say something (which is especially good, because I tend to stuff it instead of saying something).
15. She laughs at my jokes.
16. She generally looks out for me and cares about my needs.
17. She packs my lunch.
18. She greets me warmly when I come home.
19. She makes our dinner.
20. She is generally careful about money, to the point of researching things large and small before she purchases.
21. Other than a mortgage, she didn't bring debt to our marriage.
22. She does the laundry and washes the dishes and doesn't complain about doing it.
23. She's handy with fixing stuff around the house.
24. She shares one of my biggest hobbies/interests.
25. She has spent a lot of time organizing my stuff (see #24).
26. She doesn't make me guess what she wants for gifts.
27. She keeps her hair long.
28. Her cute nose.
29. Her beautiful breasts.
30. Her lovely ass.
31. Her willingness to shave her vaginal area bare and let me enjoy it after she has.
32. She's in shape and generally beautiful.
33. She's the best kisser I've ever kissed (there may have been as many as a dozen women I kissed before my wife, with three of them being LTR's.).
34. She has never rejected me in terms of providing some form of sex, even when her sex drive has been nonexistent (during pregnancy and some other unusual times).
35. That has usually meant fellatio, which I enjoy immensely.
36. She has asked for suggestions on how to be better in this area.
37. She married ME!


  1. Nothing like a little praise to reinforce the desired behaviors ...

    Good job here; makes me smile.

  2. What's an LTR?

  3. Thanks for the feedback.

    LTR = "long term relationship".

    My wife made me wait until the third date before kissing, because she had been on a lot of first dates and didn't want to kiss so many different guys.

    I know there are couples who don't kiss until the wedding. We would have never been able to keep that standard.


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