Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Sick Irony of the Isla Vista Mass Murder

... is that had that evil waste of human potential who carried it out lived, he would have had female groupies, maybe even marrying one of them as he served or awaited his sentence. Guys who rape, torture, and murder kids get female groupies.

Complain about misogyny and the NRA all you want, and tweet #YesAllWomen, but remember that there are women who CHOOSE to worship evil guys like this murderer. How about addressing that?
How about addressing women who CHOOSE to stay with with abusive guys, not only risking themselves, but their children?

No, no guy should beat, rape, or murder a woman or anyone else. No, severely mentally ill people shouldn't have guns. Violently mentally ill people shouldn't even be out and about.

This is not about rape culture or gun culture. It is about allowing evil people and violently mentally ill people to give off warning signs and still remain free.

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