Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And You Are...?

I can't help but ask, "And who appointed you to the position of deciding this for my sex?" whenever I hear a woman, no matter how much I admire her, publicly proclaim "Here's a list of the qualities of a real man." or something of the sort. If she's doing it in private to a boy she's raising, fine... but public pronouncements of that sort leave me shaking my head. Be honest, lady. Say "These are the qualities that turn me on in a man" (of course we know what women SAY turns them on and what actually does are often two different things) or "These are the qualities in men I think are beneficial to society." It is especially amusing if they say a "real man" is one who takes all sorts of crap from women and gives up all his hopes and dreams and works his ass for people who never appreciate it, but take it for granted.

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