Monday, February 10, 2014

Questions For Dr. Laura Schlessinger - 7

Read the introduction to this series here. This will be the last in this series for now. And there have been plenty of questions.

19) You say minors should not have certain tech things and then say your  generation survived youth without smart phones, tablets, and online  social networking. But generations before yours surived youth without technological/communications/media/social things you enjoyed as a minor. Shall we all live like the Amish?

20) You say grownups should not have personal Facebook accounts. How would they comment on your shows’s Facebook page if they didn’t? Are you aware that Facebook settings are customizable, so that, for example, only family has access to your personal Facebook page?

21) You say that a spouse who has not shared every password is hiding something they shouldn’t and/or is doing something unacceptable. Do you say the same thing about a person who does not always have their spouse present when they are in a therapy session? I realize that writing and other computerized activities are not the same as doing pushups when you’re on the phone with a show host, but they can be therapeutic.

22) How is it that interacting through online/telephonic communications is not a real relationship, but it is infidelity for a spouse to interact with someone else that way?

23) According to you, it is OK to fantasize, including about other people, when having sex. It is also OK to watch television, watch movies, and play board games. However, you denounce people who like fantasy in movies, video games, etc. and play video games in general as childish. What are the differences, other than your personal preferences?

24) I have heard you give what I would consider perfect answers to wives complaining to you that their good husband who does not neglect them views porn. However, when women call to say the same thing about their boyfriends, you tell them to dump him. Why is that? Are you just trying to save the boyfriend from becoming a nagged husband? Or is it that a married man is “entitled” to orgasms encouraged through visual/auditory stimulation because he’s paying for them, but the boyfriend is not, and thus it is morally unacceptable?

25) You don't believe bisexuals exist. Since you accept that homosexuals exist, and heterosexuals exist, and there are people who claim to be bisexual and have lovers of both sexes, what is your evidence that bisexuals do not exist?

26) On biology, adoption, and parenting, you cite the importance of biology when you note that male lions kill the young from other males when they take over the lioness. Yet you say it isn’t important for a child to know that the man raising him is not his biological father and that telling him risks diminishing the bond. On the other hand, you tell people looking to raise a(nother) child that adoption is nothing to avoid because at 2am, you’re not going to care where they crying baby came from. You also tell adoptive parents to tell the child as soon as possible that they are adopted, citing the fact that there are age-appropriate books for doing that. Why is telling a child that their father is not their biological father potentially negative, but telling a child that both of his parents are not his biological parents isn’t? How does all of this fit together?

27) You seem to think that second marriages are an entirely different thing than first marriages. For example, you denounce prenups for first marriages, but encourage them for second marriages. If you say it is to protect children, isn’t it true that prenups in first marriages can also protect children? In your advice, it is mandatory to share financial accounts for first marriage, even to the point that you say it isn’t really a marriage if they have separate accounts, but keeping separate accounts is OK or even encouraged for second marriages. You say that a second marriage indicates that spouses are replaceable, but there wouldn’t be second marriages without first marriages ending, so aren’t spouses replaceable in first marriages, too?

28) You have denounced relationships with significant (10 years or more) age differences, saying they are in different stages of life and are not equals. However, what if they don’t want to be equals and what if they like being in different stages of their life? You may say that means something is wrong with them, but what if they are both happy with the relationship? What is the problem?

Dr. Laura continues to have a great show that helps so many people. I am a huge fan and I hope these questions are addressed in one way or another. Her commentaries are very helpful.

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