Tuesday, February 11, 2014

KFI's New Host

KFI AM 640, a ratings leader in recent years in Los Angeles, is a talk radio station owned by Clear Channel, which is scores of billions of dollars in debt. Clear Channel just changed their Left-leaning talk station in the same market, 1150 AM, into a right-wing format. Rush Limbaugh is now on 1150 and will soon be off 640. To fill up the 9am to Noon slot, KFI will now have the Bill Handel show run until 10am and the Bill Carrol show will shift two hours earlier. But this will leave the 1pm to 3pm slot open.

As far as I know, KFI hasn't announced who will fill that slot. I've noticed the station has been trying hard to have "diversity" on the weekends, but what about during the week? It's all white males, mostly heterosexual with the possible exception of Ken (but since he doesn't talk about hi sexual orientation it really doesn't count) and he definite exception of the might-as-well-be-gay Bill Handel, who, by the way, is a Latino Jew.

So I propose they find for their afternoon slot a black illegal alien transgendered disabled lesbian Wiccan Green Party partisan. Who cares whether or not the show will be any good? They need diversity.

UPDATE February 11, 2014: They filled the spot with a couple of local television news folks. Mark Thompson, who's been appearing on the Tim Conway Jr. Show and filling in here and there (and who has quite the voice), and Elizabeth Espinosa. Thompson is not to be confused with the "Mark & Brian" guy. Thompson is also not to be confused with a young ample-chested woman, which is why he's no longer doing the weather on TV. I have nothing against these two, but I doubt I will be choosing them over Michael Medved.

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