Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Tom Leykis is on Farewell Tour

Although Tom Leykis insists his decision to end his show came early this year, after he got sick and some fans got snarky, he also insists that was very low on list of reasons and keeps saying his fans "tested" him by dragging their feet on (re)subscribing in 2017. They did reach 1,900 subscriptions like he demanded in order to return in 2018, but apparently it wasn't fast enough for him, despite it being before his deadline. So he's "back for 2018" but only as long as the show is generating enough revenue to break even or better. He'll no longer beg for subscriptions (which is entirely understandable given how much time and effort it took last year), other than mentioning that the show will end its run when the subscriptions fall to a level that won't cover expenses. He's also said the library of past shows will be available to subscribers after the end of the show's run as long as subscriptions cover those expenses.

He's admitted he thought he could be dying when he was sick. I think that has more to do with his decision to end the show than he's indicated. He knows he's got less life to live than he's already lived, at least chronologically, and the fact is, like anyone else, he could die tomorrow. I'm sure he wants to travel and party and relax and not be obligated (by his own word) to do 12+ hours of live shows every week (and all of the related work, which we don't hear)  when he can't be certain he's got many years of good health left. As I said before, even though he hasn't said so, he probably got a little bit excited last year at the thought of starting another chapter in his life if the subscriptions didn't reach 1,900, which would have meant January 2, 2018 would have been the end of his show.

Another factor in ending the show could be that audience habits are changing. There were a lot of times in 2017 that the show had the "intermission" music play while he waited for calls. He no longer does a live show on Fridays because the audience is smaller and there are fewer callers, and he's made good on his announcement that he'll wrap up the show for the day if callers don't fill the phone lines. There was a day he ended the show after just an hour, and the replays started. His show has long been targeted at young men. Unfortunately, young men make fewer and fewer phone calls these days. They text or tweet or send a direct message, often memes or emojis and rarely complete sentences of actual words. Leykis made a point of doing LIVE "appointment" call-in talk audio, like he did on the radio, only better. Repeated suggestions by this generation that is so used to YouTubers and Facebook Live and similar platforms, along with Skype, that Leykis do at least some of the show on video have always been met by Leykis emphatically insisting that it wouldn't work and/or it would be too expensive and complicated. In addition to Leykis' perfectionism (he says he'd need to hire more staff to make it work), it probably also has something to do with the convenience of Leykis and his staff being able to do things the audience doesn't see and Leykis' confidence in his speaking abilities (which are excellent all around) being much higher than his visual appeal.

So Leykis is now on a "farewell tour", setting up exclusive dinners in various cities where enough people willing to pay for them. On Facebook, people who haven't been listening all that closely are expressing surprise and disappointment that his show is ending and asking "Why???"

Listeners are witnessing another example of how Leykis' Internet-based, self-owned show is superior to bankrupt corporate terrestrial broadcast radio: He's doing a long goodbye, ending the show on his terms, talking with his listeners about what is going on and why. In contrast, how often over the decades have we turned on our radio to listen to our favorite music or radio personality only to find the host has been replaced or the entire station has flipped formats? So even in ending his show (sometime this year), he's demonstrating a significant difference from what radio has become.

On a bit of a side note, I have not heard or seen him mention his book, which maybe a year ago he was saying was on the way, as in with the editor, if I recall correctly. I would think it would be easier for him to promote his book as long as he has a daily talk show. I'm very curious as to why he's stopped talking about a book. Maybe he won't publish it unless a major publishing house will do it, and maybe none of them will without edits that are unacceptable to Leykis? That's entirely a guess on my part, not based on anything he's said. Because he hasn't said anything, as far as I can tell. I'm sure a book would generate interest in his show, too. It just seems strange to me that it appears to have evaporated.



  1. I listened to his show a few times and all he did was tell other men how to be as unsuccessful with women as he is

    1. If by "unsuccessful" you mean keeping all of his wealth instead of blowing it on women, keeping control over his own life, and getting a lot of sex with a variety of young, hot women without spending a lot of time or money on them, then sure.

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Tom helped me understand women better, including my 6 sisters. Most of them take advantage and even look down on nice guys. True. Most women are users. Most women say they want equality but mean that they want to be much more equal than you, pretty much want to treat you as slaves. Most women are vindictive. I have had women slander and do rotten things to me because I tried to do the right thing and not have affairs with them. They will always try to make you feel guilty and ashamed even when you are in the right just to get the upperhand. Tom exposed a lot of their thinking motives and tactics to me (unfortunately only in the last couple of years. It would have saved me a lot of grief had i known it sooner). Their are a lot of other speakers out there these days some with deeper insights now and I think most people with lives will only spend so much time on this subject but Tom without a doubt was ground breaking. The Bible says a good woman is more precious (read rare) than rubies. It warns men of most women because they are treacherous, believe it or not. I have had a ruby for 24 years and she was selfless, selfsacriicing,giving and loving and her passing has left a hole in me that I don't think can be filled. I have no desire to pump and dump young women or abandon the family so that is where Tom and I part company but I do thank him for helping me to get on the road to understanding how most women truly are. If you want what is best and sre willing to be good yourself keep looking for that rare woman. Don't fall for the deceitfulness of riches. If you are happy with who you are you don't need things to validate you. Doing things you hate in to others (ie woman using and huurting men) does not really make you feel good. Honestly young men, I would be happy living primatively in the wilderness with my wife if i could have her back. There is not much worse than an evil woman and not much better than a good one. Do be a man though. You are meant to be the head and she will love and respect you if do a manly job of being the head. She will also feel secure in you. I am old enough to have seen the ebb and flow of things and Tom had his time. Thanks for the good things you showed me and I hope you overcome the bad and find the deeper satifaction. BTW It is doubtful you will find a really good woman in a bar etc. and you will not attract her with money and posessions or brashness. I am manly and many wives of rich men have thrown themselves at me and asked me to marry them. No man that fought me was glad he did. I am not bragging i am just preemtively responding to some of the things I am certain will be said about me. Tom enjoy your money while you can. You can't take it with you and hell is worse than you can imagine and it never ends. Not saying this to be hateful, rather to get you to change while you still can.

  3. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Nice Comments Anonymous. I am in 100% agreement with you. Unlike you I have gone for the affairs because I felt I was missing something being married to a ruby. After at least three instances of extreme grief in meaningless extramarital relationships with evil jezebels (bitches) I learned my lesson and have settled down. I value my Ruby and feel stupid over the many years that I have wasted. I pity the men who are married to these women and take comfort in the fact that I have a wife like yours was, and I am just now appreciating her. God Bless and keep up the search my friend.There are some out there, but its tough. I feel sorry for the young guys of today.

    1. Anonymous6:02 PM


      I feel sorry for both the guys and gals. The young men today don't know how to do a honest day's work of care for tools and equipment properly because they had no Dad to teach them. Or how to cherish a woman as the weaker vessel while still being the head of the home.

      Girls don't know what the love of a decent man is because they had no Dad to show them or worse had a perv stepdad or string of Mom's boyfriends to abuse them. I think few girls fully recover from that. I think most single Moms have little true love for their children. The bible defines love as how you treat a person not if you feel all fuzzy about them. People believe the lie that the Bible tries to keeps the from good things when it will lead you to the best things if you will obey. Animal sex never satisfies, it only temporarily numbs the pain. It is very much like drugs. Women don't understand that the rules they rebel against were actually there to protect them not oppress them. You can't just demand respect you have to earn it and you can't expect a man to cherish like a ruby when you act like a ball of dung.

      Both men and women have work to do but there is no doubt women are the main cause of the break down of society. It has many facets too. They were the first to say that it is a virtue to be accepting of sinful behavior. They don't seem to realize they are being used by Satan to accomplish his goals. He is hateful too. He knows there is no partying in Hell but he is driven to take as many as he can with him and will lie to accomplish that.

      This thing (partly driven by woman trying to have careers) where people get married later and later in life. Both get set in their ways and are not as able to adapt as they were when they were younger. People long for companionship more and more the longer they wait to get married. Some try to fill the void with meaningless sex and many both male and female think that by having premarital sex it will cement the relationship when in fact it usually breaks it. Maybe not immediately but it tells you the other may not be serious about defending their virtue as you hoped and plants a seed of doubt. Like a burr under a saddle the irritation get worse until it becomes an insurmountable problem. Kind on the same line of “If you steal another man's wife, what do you have but a women that will cheat on her husband?”

      It is sad also that both men and women will never understand what wonderful things they gave up. Both in this world and the next.

      I am sorry you learned the way that was hardest on you and your wife but I pray Yahuah has and will heal you both. All things work together for for good to them that love Yahuah. The called according to his purpose. Be diligent and study the word and endeavor to obey. I do believe we are coming into days like in the time of Noah and that means judgment is not far away. I only take comfort in knowing that all that can be saved will be saved. I shutter at the thought of the fate that awaits the rest.

    2. "...while still being the head of the home."

      Let's be honest. Legally, no married man is the head of his home. His wife and the state are. Now, a woman can voluntarily defer to her husband on a social level to make him the acting head of the home, but many won't and that deferral can be rescinded at any time for no reason whatsoever.

      I know this sounds very unsexy to a lot of men and women, but that's today's reality.

    3. Anonymous5:06 PM

      True marriages are bound by Yahuah not the state. No woman that refuses the headship of her husband will see the Kingdom of Heaven. That does not mean the husband can treat his wife badly. We are actually told if do treat them badly Yahuah will not hear our prayers.Yah says his people perish for lack of knowledge. True preachers were always out number by false preachers and we were told that it would only grow worse as the end approaches. Very few will be saved. This is not what is preached but is easily proved from the scriptures. Only 8 were saved from the flood and there is much evidence that the whole world was populated at that time. Easily more people than we have now. Properly translated the way to salvation is narrow and with much tribulation, whereas the way to destruction is broad. Just as children are happier and more secure when their parents give them restrictions so is a wife if she has a wise husband that takes the headship. It cuts down on fighting and drama too. I remember when wedding vows included the the promise to obey by the wife. That is very Biblical.

      BTW Tom does say he pays nothing for his women's company but just because he get tickets and such for free doesn't mean he is not giving them things of value to them. The Bible admits there is a passing pleasure to sin but it is short lived and nowhere as deep as the right way.

  4. Too bad Tom is stopping his internet show, he's a great resource for young guys, even women, if they would give him a chance. I get it though, he often complains on air about all the work he has to do to keep the show going and he is getting to an age where he probably want to take it a little more easy. However, it's obvious he still loves being on the air, I think he's the type that would die with a mic in front of his face and be happy. I wouldn't be surprised if he re emerged on satellite or broadcast radio somewhere, can't help but wonder if he's got an offer rom somewhere that makes it financially worthwhile for him and then can just get behind the mic and speak to an audience without the headache of running a business.

  5. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Gotta say that Tom simply is not interesting enough. He does not have enough material to sustain an audience, and as a result he repeats his material. And another thing, there's no way he "tapped that ass" without paying for it. Anyway, I wish him well, though, and commend him for ending that show - perhaps 3 years too late.


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