Sunday, January 03, 2016


Now, apparently, it isn't enough to sexually reject me, even after I jumped through all of the hoops. Now she deprives me even more of sleep (after she'd been allowed to sleep for eleven hours or so) by staying in our bedroom to binge watch a reality show until several hours after I should have been asleep peacefully. She usually has done her binge watching in a common room of the house. Hey, but she tells me that she loves me, so what am I complaining about, right?

Attention unmarried men: What are you waiting for?!? Don't you want this life???


  1. But, Ken, Dennis Prager says men do so much better if they have a wife to care about them. Maybe on his planet.....

  2. Well the wife had make his life better, Peter, or he obviously gets rid of them. He's in his third marriage. And if that's the way he wants to live, fine, but some people do not want to endure one divorce, let alone two.


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