Monday, December 28, 2015

Playing in Traffic

One of these days, I'll have to compile a list of bad arguments against porn.

One bad argument is that "porn causes human trafficking." I can see how this could be a valid argument if we're talking about certain subgenres. But what if a guy only views porn involving independent citizen women who are well into adulthood, and doesn't involve any coercion whatsoever?

You know what else often involves human trafficking? The garment industry. But you know, it's funny, I don't see the people who say nobody should view porn because of human trafficking also saying nobody should wear clothes.

Now, an argument could be made that shunning or banning all porn would reduce human trafficking, but you know what else would? Drastically lowering the quality of life/standard of living in the USA, because then there were would be fewer people who'd want to come here illegally.

An argument can also be made that shunning or banning all porn would INCREASE human trafficking, because it would be contraband and it can be easier to produce and distribute contraband by involving human trafficking.

Try one of these more honest objections:

"I don't like porn because I think the women are more sexually attractive than me and they do things I won't do."

"I don't like porn because I've been told I'm not supposed to."

"I don't like porn because men get auditory and visual erotic stimulation without having to spend a lot of money or deal with relationship hell."

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