Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Grand Recap of Mother's Day

I failed to arrange anything special for Mother's Day.

Stick with me here.

My wife doesn't want things like flowers. She considers those a waste. Generally, when she wants something, she asks for it, and usually she gets it. She has a wish list which she prefers people use, but she hasn't updated in since she was preparing it for Christmas and the things left on it are for the kids, not her.

She pretty much just wanted to sleep in and relax on Mother's Day. I brought her a favorite drink that amounts to a milkshake with a slight coffee flavor, though it is marketed as coffee drink. I offered to bring her anything she might want to eat, but it seems she preferred food in the house she could grab herself, but even more so candy from her stash.

I wrote her a nice, positive note. It could have been more syrupy, but I kept it honest. I mean, I think we've done some lousy things as parents, as I think I've explained in other postings. I did not pick the the mother for my children I thought I was picking, and one who would be a good counter to my flaws that diminish my fathering, and for her to be a very good mother, she needed a different husband, one who could make up for the fact that she is physically a wreck, emotionally immature, and mentally ill.

But why didn't we do anything unusual for Mother's Day?

It struck me that almost every week, one, two, or three days are already Mother's Day.

1) She sleeps in as long as she wants.

2) She usually doesn't cook or clean or do any chores or those days.

3) She doesn't tend to the kids. I do. I keep them from killing each other, I make sure they are fed and washed and clothed, I take them places.

4) She gets to watch whatever she wants and play on her tablet as long as she wants.

So while I didn't do anything special for Mother's Day, she had a day a lot of mothers wish they could have.

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