Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Factory is Closed

I wanted to do it, but my wife was even more desirous of it than me.

I got a vasectomy.

Things are still a little tender, but other than the sharp pain of the initial needle stick to start the local anesthetic, it wasn't painful or uncomfortable at all. Cold packs and over-the-counter pain medication helped.

I know some devout folks are completely against vasectomies. I haven't read or heard a good explanation as to why. On the Bible Answer Man radio program, Hank Hanegraaff likes to answer calls on the subject by citing his own large family (because, you know, each of us can take a six-figure salary running a ministry) and says that God opens the womb and closes the womb. However, most people who say we should "leave it up to God" whether or not we have more children don't take that attitude with just about anything else about their bodies or life in general. Hey, God gave you those wrinkles and age spots! No more makeup for you!!!

"But children are a blessing" a lot of people say. Uh, yeah. Eh... look, I love my children but I don't have time to unpack that one right now.

Why get a vasectomy? Because we don't think we can responsibly parent any more children, but we do get around to having intercourse every week or two. We have a girl, we have a boy, they are both very stubborn and strong-willed. My wife is in no condition to mother more children. (I have thought she isn't holding up her end of the deal as it is, in terms of being a Stay-With-Kids-Mom who gives the children what they need.) I'm feeling old, and when I get home from working the children want to do things with me and I try to engage them, but I'm tired out and want nothing more than to be left alone after that initial welcome home. So, I go ahead and engage them but inside I'm griping and wanting to just sit down and rest. Money is tight and I don't foresee a significant rise in my income.We don't have the money, time, energy, space, or desire to have more children. That's why.

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  1. Ouch! A very wise decision.

    I remember someone once replying to the rather worn-out Bible verse 'Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them' (meaning, of course, children) with 'Unhappy is the man who has his quiver overfull of them'.

    Get well soon!


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