Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good News From the Doctor

About six months ago, my doctor told me my cholesterol was way too high and offered me the choice of medication or trying to lower it through other means.

I told him I'd hold off on the medication.

I did some basic research on what I should and should not be eating if I wanted to lower my cholesterol level.

My wife does most of the grocery shopping in our family, so I gave her a list of things to buy that would help - I only included in the list things I would actually eat. I was honest with myself.

Well, it worked.

I recently went back to my doctor and the latest lab report shows I lowered my level by 50 points. I also dropped a few pounds without getting any more exercise. Actually, I probably got less.

The one thing I really miss is cheese. I love just about any kind of cheese... sharp cheddar, soft cheeses, goat cheese, spicy cheese... argh.... Oh well. I still have a little cheese here and there, but it isn't a regular part of my diet anymore.

It probably helped that we haven't been to my wife's parents' place in two months, not only because of the tasty dinners my MIL prepares, but the appetizer snacks my FIL always puts out while dinner is being made.

Why haven't we seen them in two months, despite living about 15 minutes away from them? That'll have to wait for another update.

How are you??? Any current health/fitness success stories to share?


  1. Well done, Ken. I decreased my cholesterol by a similar amount just by altering my diet. Being threatened with cholesterol medication was a big motivation. My doc says cheese is fine, just be sensible about it, but like you I don't eat it much any more. Now if only I could throw away the blood pressure pills.

  2. Peter, I'm in the same boat about blood pressure. My blood pressure is good... on a very small dosage of medication. Then again, I had a grandmother who was in great physical shape and ate well, AND was a calm person, and still was on blood pressure medication.


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