Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Being Stealthy

This is probably more than you ever wanted to know about anyone.

I have mentioned my paruresis before.

Actually, it is difficult for me to use the toilet in a public or unfamiliar restroom, and even harder for me to use a urinal. I think is part of larger OCD problems on my part. Even without OCD, I'm very much a creature of habit in many areas of my life.

After the wake-up urination session, I can often hold it the for the rest of the day, and typically do hold it for at least 14 hours.

But there are rare times when I just have to use a restroom when & where I'd rather not. That happened recently, and it occurred me that for me, a "successful" (least stressful) trip to the a restroom for me goes like this:

Nobody sees me go in.

Nobody else is in there when I am.

There no sign anyone else has been there recently except for the janitor.

Nobody comes in during my time there.

Nobody sees me leave.

The worst thing is when I'm standing at the urinal trying to start taking a leak when someone walks into the restroom. Sometimes I zip up, flush, and wash my hands as if I actually used the urinal, even though I didn't.

This doesn't stop me from living life, mind you. I've never hestitated to travel or visit anywhere because of this. I always wondered how I was going to handle potty training the kids, but it worked out, somehow.

Just wanted to share.

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