Monday, August 01, 2011

Irony? Hypocrisy? Or What?

We have a daughter involved in a voluntary group activity. My wife had some reservations about how this activity was being organized. The final straw was that the woman running the thing got knocked up with no plans to marry her boyfriend.

So, we moved our daughter to a new group.

But at our final event with the old group, the expectant mother, who was unaware at the time of our plans to leave, made a comment to everyone about how one set of girls meets Friday nights, which "keeps them out of trouble".


What kind of trouble is she talking about? Surely, she can't be talking about getting knocked up with no marriage in sight.

Or is it supposedly different because she's an adult?

That points out the different reasons why different groups bemoan teen pregnancy. I don't think teen pregnancy is a problem when say, a mature, family-minded 19-year-old wife is pregnant by her 24-year-old husband who is earning a good living, and these people are right for each other. I would guess that this woman's problem with teen girls being pregnant is that it would limit their ability to party in their early 20s. My biggest problem with unmarried teens (or unmarried women of any age) getting pregnant is that it is bad for the child and bad for society.

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  1. I would say that her issue with teen pregnancy isn't that it affects a girls ability to "go and party" but rather that it limits a young woman's ability to do just about anything, especially if she is a single mother. It limits her ability to go to school, her working, her life. Being a mother is a big decision that frankly, I don't think most young women under the age of 20 are capable of making and yes, their decision affects their lives and the lives of their children - forever.
    I do think a grown woman getting pregnant is different than a teenager, but I do question her ability as a role model in this capacity to young girls. Sounds like you and your wife made a good decision to change groups!


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