Tuesday, April 12, 2011

He Must Like Chaos

I would have loved to have heard this guy call in to Dr. Laura. DEVOTED IN BLOOMINGTON, MINN. wrote in to Dear Abby:

I'm in love with a woman named "Camille" who has three children from three different fathers.
What exactly is the appeal? If you’re looking for a wife, this isn’t the right woman. If you’re primarily looking for sex, this isn’t the right woman. If you’re looking to pay to raise the children of other men, go right ahead.

She has never been married.
Well, at least she didn’t contribute to the high divorce rate.

She also has a male "friend" whom she has her children calling "Daddy" even though he's not.
How many more red flags do you need?!?

I have loved Camille for 20 years, and our paths recently crossed again.
Ah, you’re delusional and a masochist. The picture is getting more clear now.

When I first meet her, she had only one child.
That was one too many. She should have stopped with one and raised that child, not dealt with a revolving door of desperate men who should have found some other warm place to put it.

Camille says she loves me and wants us to be married, but I'm having a hard time accepting that all of these children's fathers will be part of our life -- as well as the "friend."
Well then I guess it isn't going to happen, is it? You haven't mentioned if you've ever been married or have any kids.

Can a psychologist help me get past this?
This is beyond psychologist level. Try a psychiatrist (you know, with an "M.D." after their name). Or maybe you need a really good hooker. Better yet, consult an exorcist.

Even Dear Abby responded:

I don't know. But before you take this relationship further, you should definitely see one.
Sheesh. Guys like that are the suckers that keep knocking up these never-married mothers. Those poor kids.

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