Saturday, April 02, 2011


Ever drive the wrong way, but keep driving because you've already invested to much time into that road? "NOT DESPERATE IN LOUISIANA" wrote in to Dear Abby and displayed her desperation:

I am in my late 30s and have been dating "Rick" for six years.
Six years? What, you just like a monotonous unmarried sex life?

The problem is his daughter, "Janet." We used to get along, but now she hates me. She calls me awful names and says she wishes I would go away.
Is Janet a minor?

I recently asked Rick to marry me.
You proposed to him? If he didn't propose to you, he doesn't want to marry you. Or he's way too passive.

Now Janet says I am "desperate" and she refuses to talk to either of us.
You are desperate. Tick tock.

I don't know what to say to her.
Nothing. And don't complain about her to Rick.

I'm appalled at her attitude toward me, the language she uses and the things she's saying about me to her friends on the Internet. She won't listen to her dad. Her mother is encouraging her behavior and has been threatening me.
You really want to marry into this situation? That's desperation. If Rick would choose you over his minor daughter, then he's not worth marrying in the first place.

Dear Abby says nothing to hint that perhaps marrying Rick is not the best idea.

I know you've invested a lot of time and the music is about to stop and you want to be sitting in a chair, but there are guys out there without daughters to raise who threaten you, and without bitchy ex-wives. But even if you're single the rest of your life, it will be better than marrying into this situation.

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