Sunday, August 27, 2006

I-5 Santa Ana Freeway is a Failure

It's no secret for commuters in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. The I-5 Santa Ana Freeway, especially between the East L.A. interchange and the 91 Freeway, is a complete failure. Any freeway where traffic slows to a crawl a majority of hours ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, even without accidents or repair/construction work, is a failure.

I don't blame the engineers, although the carpool lane situation further south at the Orange Crush drives me away from using it. No, more immediately, this is a failure on the part of lawmakers and the decisions makers at Caltrans and the MTA. More lanes should have been built a long, long time ago. Adding a lane or two will be of no help by the time the construction is finished, I fear.

I mean, come on. 6am, noon, 7pm... even on weekends... it slows to a crawl, and then when drivers are caught off guard by the constant, irritating stop-and-go, they rear end the car in front of them (probably because their brakes have been worn down by the horrible traffic), and that slows down things even more.

Ultimately, I don't really blame Caltrans or the MTA. Sure, they haven't kept up with the population trends, but the population trends are completely out of whack because we have MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS AROUND HERE WHO AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. Oh, how I wish they'd recreate their May 1 protests. Traffic was so nice. It was a clear indication of just how much damage these criminals are causing. Not only are millions of them streaming across the border, but they're popping out anchor babies who adorn the freeways with their graffiti (like dogs pissing on trees) even before they can drive the cars they've stolen on them.

So when you get down to it, I mostly blame our Federal authorities and politicians who have failed to protect our borders, and to a lesser extent I blame the corrupt Mexican system and the rest of the Latin American slumlords who've created a situation where people are so desperate they risk their lives to break into our country.

I think of idiots like Larry Lopez (he now likes to go by "Nativo") every time I'm stuck in traffic. He actually has the nerve to get in front of TV cameras like the attention whore he is, and claim that these invaders should be treated like royalty. Please Larry, get your criminal friends off of the freeway... organize more protests where they stay off the of the road.

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